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Turkish Culture Night | May 21, 2015



The Turkish Culture Night, co-sponsored by Center for Language Studies at Brown, Turkish Consulate in Boston and TACSRI (Turkish American Cultural Society of Rhode Island) this year, took place on the 10th of April, 2015 between 6 and 8 pm. The event aimed at promoting Turkish culture and creating a sense of this culture in people by focusing on food, music and dance, and approximately 100 people came to this event. The night started with the food part, where the participants had the chance to taste some delicious Turkish food such as lokum, sarma, dolma, börek, mercimek köftesi, Çerkez tavuğu salatası, baklava and kadayıf. While everyone was in line waiting for their food, they also listened to some soothing and relaxing Turkish songs accompanied by photos from Turkey, projected on the screen. While having their food, they also had the opportunity to listen to a very short and informative presentation about Turkey given by the Fulbright FLTA of Turkish this year, which aimed to give everyone some basic information about Turkey regarding its location, geography, people and culture. So as to expose everyone to some Turkish music, it was time for some Turkish songs sung by two Turks who are interested in music and deal with it. Both the Turkish and English lyrics of the songs were printed for everyone to see and join the singing part of the beautiful performance of the musicians. This part was followed by a dance workshop where those interested in dancing were encouraged to come to the stage and learn some traditional moves of Turkish dance such as damat halayı, horon and Ankara havası with the help of the FLTA of Turkish. The last part of the night was dedicated to some popular and lively Turkish songs, and some came to the floor to enjoy the music and dance. The reflections on the event showed that everyone was pleased to experience the Turkish culture at an event where they could eat, listen to songs, sing and dance. This event will become a tradition at Brown and take place at around the same time of the year so as to give everyone the chance to experience the Turkish culture. If you like Turkish culture, you can learn Turkish right here at Brown during 2015-16 academic year. Here are some photos from the night which would help give an overall idea of how the event this year was like:

1 2 IMG_0074 (1)_Fotor_Collage










Mediha Toraman
FLTA of Turkish
Brown University

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