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Nice websites

Thursday, April 27th, 2006

U Minnesota Undergraduate Virtual Library –
demo site with technical details
— Very nice integration of MetaLib as a portal

JMR Activities – Week of April 17, 2006

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
  • Revised Research Consultation form as a first step of an overhaul of all forms
  • Set up meeting with Ron and Sarah B to discuss a means to help prioritize requests that come to Web Services. HH noted that the CIS Information Technology Project Review Committee (See morning mail) might serve as a model.
  • Discovered that the php mail() function was not working on pike. From Bob M: “The permissions on the sendmail binary were slightly different than the old machine. It had a group sticky bit instead of an owner sticky bit.” Mail was not sent from April 14-17. I ran queries for purchase requests and josiah errors and send the info to the relevant parties.
  • Did a page with step-by-step instructions for journal article requesting and updated josiah help.
  • Registered Brown for Windows Live Academic which looks to be a competitor to Google Scholar. Follow-up needed: set up CrossRef in sfx. see: for more detail.
  • Submitted self-evaluation to FKD, 4/20
  • Instructional and Collaborative Technology Subcommittee Meeting to review faculty survey instrument
  • Slightly revised and mounted pages for Patricia F for Skidmore conference
  • Reported to Joe that all Filemaker databases were down on 4/20
  • Met with Sarah B. on final tweaks to new Medical Connections site.
  • Responded to Grad Student Council comments
    • the library’s website needs to be improved; it’s hard to find things; for example: your library account and library forms are hidden
      We agree and that’s why we plan to do a complete overhaul of the Library website this summer. In the meantime we’ve put a “view your library account” link under the Josiah Quick Search on the home page and we’re in the process of updating and improving the online forms pages.

    • the e-resources portion of the website is frustrating; I can’t do a search from there and each page seems like a new environment; it’s confusing; also there aren’t sufficient online instructions for how to use this portion of the website
      We realize that e-resources are complex with a multitude of formats, vendors, and interfaces and we will try to provide better guidance for this section of the website. We’ve recently launced a new search tool, InfoGate, which allows you to find and search e-resources while staying within a single interface. InfoGate has its own learning curve but does reduce some of the complexity of dealing with e-resources and is is a good place to start. The Web Services Dept. would like to get more detailed feedback, such as a focus group might afford, on this topic. We would welcome suggestions for the best approach to take.

    • why can’t there be an advanced search in Josiah? the simple search doesn’t allow enough flexibility in combining and limiting searches
      There is an advanced search but it has been hard to find. We’ve added a prominent link to it from the main Josiah search page.
  • Sent Terri-Lynn Thayer an update of the Applications section of the draft service agreement that was discussed at our meeting on April 7
  • At the request of the OUL I created a digital bookplate and page to honor the outgoing chair of Friends of the Library. The page is linked to the Josiah record for the book. I added the capability to generate these at will in the database and admin tool; the bookplate is editable.

BB – Week of April 3, 2006

Monday, April 10th, 2006
  • E-Bookplate Project: I submitted a request to Innovative for a new variable field for item records.
  • Top Tech Trends online presentation
  • CIS Josiah support meeting. .
  • ERM meeting .



Monday, April 10th, 2006

Liberation Journals Index
When Meadow Dibble-Dieng (Ph.D ’05 French Studies) began her dissertation on the ways in which literary periodicals have served in liberation movements throughout the Francophone world she knew that would need a database tool in order to thoroughly analyze her subject. With a grant from the Malcolm S. Forbes Center at Brown she was assured of support for the data entry phase of her project but lacked the means to create the necessary technical infrastructure. Yvonne Federowicz and Jean Rainwater of the Library’s Web Services Department worked with Meadow to bring her project to life, both as a practical component of her dissertation and as a public research tool for future scholarly work. Meadow is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of French and Italian at Colby College and cites the Liberation Journals Index on her list of publications.

Requests – Week of April 10, 2006

Monday, April 10th, 2006
  • Library Resource Guides – MySQL/PHP
    Hi, I’m the Social Sciences Data Student Assistant. I was looking through pages on the library website recently, and I went through the Library Resource Guides page at and then through the “Library Resource Guides for subjects, departments, and programs” selection bar to Social Sciences Data Resources. The page I found at does not have a link to the Social Sciences Data Resource Page at, but instead links only to more pages of itself with an A to Z list and Database trials. We would like the actual Social Sciences Data Resource page to be linked, as it has lots of data additional to that which can be found in the databases.
    Submitted by L. Supkoff
    Status: Fixed – recoded to use $alt_url (jmr)

  • Josiah – Telnet Link
    I had left a voice mail for Bonnie last week re: the telnet link on the Josiah web page. Not the one on the library home page, but the link on the Josiah search page which all the public machines default to. The Telnet link is pointing to the numeric ip instead of the domain name. Can you let me know when it is fixed so I can go and check the public machines and make sure they are working properly?
    Submitted by Trish Dumin
    Status: done (jmr)

Requests – Week of April 3, 2006

Monday, April 10th, 2006
  • PubMed Hit Statistics
    Can you tell us how many hits there have been on the web page connecting Brown users to PubMed?
    Submitted by T. Reis, April 03, 2006 8:42 AM
    Status: Sent SFX click-throughs (340 Jan-Mar 2006) & EZProxy stats (obtained from Bob Morse).

  • SFX and Full Text Journal Problem
    I can no longer access full-text articles from medical journals from my computer here at the VA. This is something new this week. Something must have changed. Here are the scenarios, using common journals such as the Archives of General Psychiatry, NEJM, Psychological Medicine (to name today’s failures, just to start).
    Scenario 1:
    I go to PubMed, get the citation I want, click “SFX” and get redirected not to the specific article, as I used to, but to the journal website. I am asked to sign in and cannot “click” my way through without a user name or password. “revproxy” still shows in the address bar of my browser. Thus 2 things are wrong: I get directed not to the article but to the overall journal website, and I can’t get into the website. For example here, Psychol Med
    Scenario 2:
    As above, except I can get into the website, but can’t get any full texts, just the abstracts. For example here, Arch Gen Psych.
    I notice that Pub Med has new aspects to its front end over the past month—e.g., in the search limit page. Perhaps this is part of the problem?
    Submitted by MarK Bauer via A. Nolan, 4/9/2006 4:05 PM
    Status: pending

  • Josiah “Request This” Information
    I am working with Lee Pedersen on her newsletter and she wants to link to information on “Request It” feature in Josiah. We looked for it this rmonign and couldn’t find a single page that had all the info – only when you call up an individual record can you see the options. Is there a page on the site for this?
    Submitted by Sarah Bordac, April 07, 2006 1:40 PM
    Status: Josiah help updated – (jmr)

  • Library Web – Sheet Music Site
    I cannot open the links to the sheet music categories on this page:
    Below are some of the links, copied from the above-mentioned page. All I see when the cursor hovers over the links is “javascript:;” – Nothing happens when I click on them. If I try to open them in a new window, I get “This page cannot be displayed…”
    Other friends can open the links so it is some setting on my laptop, which is running XP, and Windows Firewall. I have disabled the popup blocker. These are the only pages I have found on the web that I cannot open – I am used to searching the web, and have not run into this problem before on this computer.
    Submitted by S. Korte via R. Cullen, 4/5/2006 12:38 PM
    Status: This is standard javascript (used by Dreamweaver) – probably obsolete browser (IE4.x) (jmr)

  • Medical Connections – MySQL/PHP
    I demoed the Medical Connections site for Janet, Tovah and Frank yesterday. They are happy, but have a few requests that I need your input on and help with. Take a look at these and let me know if you want to talk through any of them. Hopefully they are doable, but if not let me know. #8 is a tricky one that I know is a high priority item.
    1) On the header navigation we’d like to add the library logo. Please replace the current image file with the attached 5_r3_c2.gif. That bar should still link to the Index page.
    2) On the homepage
    * link “Digital Services” to
    * change the “NEWS” text on the red bar from black to white
    * replace the graphic 13_r5_c6.gif with the attached file and link it to the new page under Custom Pages called “Getting Started”
    * lighten the gray “news” box to #dddddd
    3) When folks from the Medical School link on “Off-Campus Access” from the top nav bar, and they click on EZProxy, they want users to be linked back to the Medical Connections page. Does this mean we should have our own Off-Campus Access page?
    4) I created a Contact us page under Custom Pages. Please link to this page from the homepage text “Brief Questions.” Can you put an include in this page at the top with the complete contact information for Janet, Frank and Tovah, as listed on the General page in the admin tool?
    5) Topic Page: Online Medical Textbooks
    The text that is coming up is not what is on the current site. When I go to the admin tool to make changes, it looks like the content is being pulled from somewhere, but there are error messages.
    Also on Topics: Patient Information page – I want to swap the locations of Merck and MEDLINEplus. I get error messages on the admin tool page.
    6) Topic Page: Evidence Based Health Care
    In the blue box we want to switch the position of the Bibliography and Guidelines. Guidelines should be listed first in both the box and on the page.
    7) The links to the third set of links on the left nav are not working.
    * Evaluating Online Health Information
    * Guides & Tutorials
    * Tools for Writing, Citing and Publishing
    * When Brown Doesn’t Own It
    8) Databases: They want the ability to reorder the listings and merge no-fee in with the rest. They want to be able to put a few resources out of order at the top of the list.
    I am meeting with Janet tomorrow to go over content requests and editing. We are going to go over the admin tool. We are meeting again as a group on 4/17 to review the site content, blogging, and site administration.
    Submitted by S. Bordac, 4/4/2006 3:54 PM
    Status: #3,5,6,7 done (jmr)

  • Library Web – Newspapers Link
    Regarding a link to newspaper holdings: I created a page on the Resource Guide for Reference (Rock & Sci) for the major newspaper databases ; perhaps we could have a permanent link to that from the home page. It differs from the “newspapers” subject of e-journals in that it does not, at present, include the smaller and foreign language papers while it does list the newspaper holdings which are categorized as Databases, such as Lexis Nexis and Times Digital Archives.
    A number of us in Gateway would like the have a permanent link from the homepage because the existing listings for newspapers are so buried in the webpage that patrons never find them; I think patrons would certainly appreciate an easy way to see what we have without having to call us to find out. If not a permanent link on the home page, perhaps a category for newspapers in the Subject listing of databases and/or Resource Guides, or a link on the “E-Resources” page.
    Submitted by J. Martenson, 4/4/2006 5:45 PM
    Status: pending

JMR Activities – Week of April 3, 2006

Monday, April 10th, 2006
  • Digital Media Services sub-group meeting
  • Meeting with Ron, Bart, Birkin on integrating direct borrow services
  • Meeting to discuss Table of Needs technology staffing
  • Nercomp conference – “Getting Data Out” –
  • NETSL conference – “Exploring the “Open” Universe: A Librarian’s Guide” –
  • Meeting with Terr-Lynn Thayer
    – Current backups of Josiah – who, how, when, and where
    – Execution of application update scripts – who should be responsible for doing these tasks
    – Problems with the vendor – Ellen mention that the library staff is having difficulties with the vendor and Data Center Staff have also had some problems with the vendor
    – Server OS patching – who is doing that now? Who should do it?
    – Contract with III – Donna says the library has an all inclusive support contract from the vendor. I do not have a copy of the contract but I would like one or at least more information about exactly what type of support we/you have.
    – Vendor access to the system – I would like to review how the vendor accesses the system.

  • ERM and Serials Solutions discussion with FKD

YF – Work Week of April 2, 2006

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006
  • Put SR Academic Dept. Profile system online
  • Began database design for SR Project Report and Semester Checklist systems
  • Installed Apache 2.0.48, Tomcat 5, ArcIMS on Redhat Linux sandbox, working on configuration
  • Updated E-Journals list

YF Work Week of March 27, 2006

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006
  • Completed work on Scholarly Resources Academic Department Profiling MySQL-PHP system
  • Investigated requirements for ArcIMS on Redhat Linux sandbox
  • Updated E-Journals list
  • Moved Becker and Liberation directories over to Pike server; tested (Becker MySQL data not present)
  • Created new govinfo website on Pike with file manipulation scripts for multiple directories w/Tom Stieve

BJD work – week of March 27, 2006

Monday, April 3rd, 2006

===== Areas below =====
* Digital Initiatives workflow system
* Weblogs: automation and analysis
* NewTitles & Bookplates
* Annex digital delivery
* Enriching citations: Josiah Google/Amazon.
* Other