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Requests – Week of June 19, 2006

Friday, June 23rd, 2006
  • Library Web – WebCT version 6 has a different URL from version 4.x –
    We will need to use both for the Fall 06 semester at least.

Preliminary Thoughts about Operating Principles

Friday, June 16th, 2006
  • Focus is not on design but on moving to a new user-centric content model
    If a student wants to get a carrel he shouldn’t have to wade through a list of departmental services; we need to mine our content and pull out those useful chunks of information. The full narrative content can continue its existence as a “More Information” destination provided there is an owner willing to maintain it.

  • We want to be in alignment with the (much delayed) new university site.
  • We are looking at best practices and other sites (recommendations welcome).
    Of particular interest:

  • We are trying to be data-driven.
    • We are looking at the libqual anecdotal data relating to the web
    • We are looking at web stats
    • We are looking at CIS technology user surveys
    • Benchmark usability testing on the current site is scheduled for early July; continuing testing will be done as we develop a prototype.
  • We will develop “User Profiles/Personae” based on the data we collect and input we receive
    — personal characteristics
    — reason for visiting the website
    — what is user looking for
    — web experience and expectations

Resources for User Profiles/Personae

Friday, June 16th, 2006

Usability : Personas & user profiles/ expectations

User Experience Resources

Friday, June 16th, 2006

Originally distrubted on Dave’s Research list by Dave Rogers, Principal/User Experience Specialist, UXCentric.
Gathered and Organized by Sarah Bordac (thanks!)

Web Content Review – Email to Dept Leaders, 3/17/06

Friday, June 16th, 2006

As you know, the University will launch a redesigned web site in the near future. The current Library web design is five years old and, while we have made significant progress in moving content to a database-driven model, the overall design and architecture are in need of a thorough overhaul. We expect that this redesign will be closely aligned with the new University model. At this point in the process Web Services needs your help in identifying content that does not meet users’ needs. We are also in the process of redesigning the staff web and welcome your thoughts on content to retain or withdraw from the old site. We are particularly looking for input on:
— corrections and updates
— hard-coded information that can be replaced with database queries (e-resources, collections, hours, staff)
— content that can be removed permanently or ‘archived’ in some fashion
— print content that needs to be translated for the web
— content that needs to be reoriented from an organizational to a user perspective
— existing content that needs to be completely repackaged
— content that MUST be retained
— publicly accessible content more appropriate for a staff intranet
Below are links to the main directories on the library web divided up according to departmental ‘ownership’. Please review the pages in these directories in the next 6-8 weeks. We are happy to receive feedback in the format most
convenient for your group including during a face-to-face meeting. A tool that may be helpful in gauging page use
is a web stats program at: Enter the URL for any page on the
server and retrieve statistics for a two-month period.
Administration: (recently updated)
Gateway: (Rock, Sciences)
Preservation: (new site)
Scholarly: [Rosemary Cullen has already reviewed most SR-related pages for accuracy.] (Hay, Orwig, Art Slide, Annmary Brown)
Systems & Media Services: (site revision in process)
Technical Services:
Shared Ownership:

BJD work – week of June 5, 2006

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

===== Areas below =====
* Digital Initiatives workflow system
* Framework review
* NewTitles
* Other
* Q2 project list


Web Services Quarterly Report, April – June 2006

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

— Implemented Electronic delivery of journal articles from Library Collections Annex
— Automated item record creation for manuscript material at the Annex
— Assigned titles to funds in order to create links from Josiah records to e-bookplates –
— Ordered EDIFACT, SpellCheck, and setup for Monographic Holdings

Web Development:
— Configured Brown edition of LibX, a powerful Firefox extension that allows one to use Josiah, find it! and Google Scholar on ANY WEB PAGE that has book or article information. Demos for library staff, help page & camtasia tutorials
— Configured Windows Live Academic, Microsoft’s answer to Google Scholar, to display links to Brown holdings via our sfx (find it!) menu.
— Set up Brown xISBN bookmarklet by registering with OCLC’s xisbn service This technology will be useful for revamped new titles site.
— Discussion with SR on Library web site redesign
— Integration of e-resources web list and metalib maintenance tasks; database additions to LRGs automatically added to e-resources and metalib tables

— Reviewed SFX management practices with SET and ACN to make better use of available administrative tools; used data loader to update vendor packages and statistics module to produce reports for serials review purposes; set up SFX A-Z list as a option for the future.
— Set up CrossRef target in SFX
— Proof-of-concept for adding to OCRA from databases and Josiah:

— ETD: Meetings with Grad School representatives to polish candidate and administrative interfaces
— Began work on Technology Projects Review methodology (jmr, rf, seb)

— Worked with Tech Services on Serials Solutions & serials display options: created mockups, met w/SR folk
— Worked with SR folks to develop policy for multiple copies to be sent to annex, and pushed forward lost/missing books activities

Skill Development :
AJAX, a technology for creating interactive web applications, which will be used in an improved New Titles display.

PHP templating system which will improve our programming and our productivity when working on one another’s code
— Camtasia studio which we are using for tutorials (LibX) and usability testing.

Technical Infrastructure:
— Implemented automated multi-versioned remote backups for the library wiki and birkin’s version-control code-repository.

Workshops, Conferences:
— IUG conference (bb)
— ELUNA (Ex Libris Users North America) conference (lj, jmr); Presentation on "Using SFX in Course Reserves" (jmr)
— Ex Libris Technical Seminar (jmr)
— Nercomp: Getting Data Out (bjd, jmr)

— 2006 NETSL Conference: Exploring the “Open” Universe: A Librarian’s Guide (jmr)
— Nercomp: The Horizon Report (jmr)

Josiah searches



SFX requests


33,211 clickthroughs (86%)

InfoGate sessions



Library Web hits


320,799 on campus (36%); 581,275 (64%)

Library Home Page hits


205,428 on campus (70%); 88,967 (30%)

E-Resources Page hits


50,575 (78%); 14,066 (22%)

Web Services Quarterly Report, Jan – March 2006

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

Download file


  • Software upgrade (Release 2006LE)
  • IP address change – work with III & CIS; change millennium clients; notify borrowing partners and Z39.50 agencies
  • Direct Export to RefWorks (code published by RefWorks & posted to IUG Clearinghouse)
  • Josiah/LDAP integration (users log in to Josiah with Brown username/password)
  • Josiah error report form
  • Durable URLs on all Josiah records
  • Josiah requesting of material from Rock, Sci, Orwig stacks enabled
  • User interface requesting screens improved; Josiah help updated
  • Annex request code rewritten to switch to secure method (SSH) of accessing Josiah
  • Work initiated to allow for digital delivery of articles from Annex.
  • Work initiated on improved new-titles production (automated extract from Josiah, greater frequency) with RSS feeds by date and subject


  • Migration to new server (janeway)

Web Development

  • Becker Library database & data-entry interface for materials not transferred to BUL
  • Media Services web site (design – S Bordac ; database & web programming – WS)
  • Medical Connections web site (design – S Bordac ; database & web programming – WS)
  • E-Bookplates web site and links in Josiah records to digital bookplates
  • Academic Department Profile – addition to SR data collection toolkit
  • Web Accessibility Review – New England ADA & Accessible IT Center is working with major campus web publishers (PAUR, CIS, Admissions, Library)
  • Staff Intranet prototype

Outreach & Training

  • Launched campus-wide Web Programming Interest Group with participants from CIS, BioMed, MCM, University Hall, and Development.
  • ALA Midwinter highlights presentation
  • InfoGate session for ITG; InfoGate panel at SR retreat
  • Ongoing training and consultation with GS about managing Millennium Circulation
  • Set up Serials blog for staff to document e-journal management and troubleshooting
  • Set up Medical Connections blog to deliver news items to new Medical Connections page
  • Anne Christensen, Humboldt Univ. MLIS student, to serve internship in WS 9/18 – 10/27

Participation with Other Groups

  • Annex selection and processing support: Science Serials project analysis, production of selection list for Rock level 3 (33,000 items)
  • Launch of EBook Library
  • ERM & Serials Solutions discussions

Statistics (Data will be available during the next quarter for

Josiah searches


of these, 97% by library users

SFX requests


41,103 clickthroughs (87%)

InfoGate sessions



Library Web hits


on-campus: 362,293 (34%); off-campus: 703,083 (66%)

Library Home Page hits


on-campus: 223,625(69%); off-campus: 100,453 (31%)

E-Resources Page hits


on-campus: 57,109 (73%); off-campus: 20,613 (27%)

OCRA courses



Departmental Goals, 2006-2007

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

Web Services Goals, 2006-2007

Improve users’ online access to materials and services (Increase/Improve Modes of Access)

  • Redesign and restructure library website. Align new site with University redesign; comply with accessibility and usability standards; use content management tools to ease maintenance and more widely distribute ability to update content; customize site for delivery to devices such as PDAs and cell phones. (Summer 2006) [jmr, lj]
  • Improve design and functionality of Josiah Web OPAC (Spring 2007) [bb, lj]
  • Implement fully automated New Titles 2.0 list to include RSS feeds and Amazon-like enhancements. (Spring 2006) [bjd]
  • Integrate Digital Repository into InfoGate to make InfoGate truly comprehensive and to make the Digital Repository more discoverable. (timing dependent on Fedora implementation – Summer 2006) [bjd]
  • Work with Digital Services to expand OCRA to include lecture- or syllabus-based course reserve services for images. Fully integrate OCRA with Brown EARS (currently integrated for student view only) and extend EARS to include audio URLs. (Summer 2006) [jmr]
  • Work with Gateway Services to implement anticipated changes in direct borrowing plans and to ensure that those changes streamline user access to materials. (Spring 2007) [bb]

Reduce complexity and increase users’ self-sufficiency in using Library web services . (Multiple Models of service, Cutting-edge research tools)

  • Make the process of off-campus authentication more transparent to users (Summer 2006) [bjd]
  • Implement Josiah personalization and customization tools (My Josiah). (Spring 2006) [bb, lj]
  • With Gateway Services develop OCRA FAQ or other instructional material. (Summer 2006) [jmr]

Develop cutting-edge research tools

  • Dramatically streamline the process of requesting an item that is not available at Brown; develop behind-the-scenes applications to manage this process. (Spring 2007) [bjd]
  • Develop innovative uses of SFX, e.g. create an SFX target for OCRA so that faculty can place materials on reserve from Josiah and databases without having to enter citations (analogous to ILL requesting from SFX menu). (Spring 2006) [jmr]

Develop Productive partnerships

  • Partner with the Graduate School to successfully launch an Electronic Dissertations service( July 1, 2006 ) [jmr]
  • Partner with ITG to develop a guided navigation tool to assist users in locating digital media services which are currently dispersed across campus. (Summer 2006) [jmr]
  • Partner with ITG to integrate InfoGate with WebCT and to increase awareness of Infogate among Faculty and Graduate students. (Fall 2006) [lj]

Increase levels of accountability

  • Develop a usability testing program with regularly scheduled sessions throughout the academic year (Fall 2006) [lj, bb]
  • Develop a Library Data Farm Service to display and manipulate data crucial to understanding the impact and usage of Library services (Spring 2007) [bjd, bb]
  • Work with Library Financial Officer to demonstrate accountability to donors by developing a methodology to assign appropriate titles in Josiah to endowed funds. (Spring 2006) [bb]
  • Develop a more robust tracking system for Web Services projects and requests (Summer 2006) [yf]

Provide web support to other departments in furtherance of their strategic goals

  • Support the implementation of an Electronic Resources Management System for Technical Services (Spring 2007) [bb]
  • Develop a robust staff intranet for efficient communication and documentation of staff information; Provide training and support for staff blogs, wikis and other Web 2.0 tools (Fall 2006) [bb + lj, bjd, yf, jmr]
  • Support the outreach efforts of other departments by developing tools to assist their interaction with users and delivery of services (Fall 2006) [bjd, yf]
  • Encourage/enable staff to make use of external macro programs. (Fall 2006) [bb]
  • Provide basic Josiah training for staff (lists, statistics, Millennium 101, etc.) (Fall 2006) [lj]; Offer specialized staff training in Millennium. (Fall 2006) [bb]

YF – Work Week of June 5

Monday, June 12th, 2006
  • Moveable Type subject newsletters project
    • Created form processing script on DL after investigating eform.cgi
    • Condensed MT CSS stylesheet so each class/ID appears only once (originally up to 6, made edits very difficult)
    • Met with Sarah B. & intern re. MT newsletters
    • Continued modification of templates
  • Attended Staff Development Day
  • Attended Backup training