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JMR – Week of Sept. 25,2006

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

— Redid specialists.php as table-less css layout
— Web Programming Interest Group: test-driven development (bjd); subversion (James Cramton)
— Mocked-up Pingree bookplate and modified bookplate code to include collections in addition to endowed funds and “in honor of” and “in memory of” plate types.
— EZBorrow – Tested sending Firstsearch OpenURL to our own EZBorrow script instead of to SFX; redid open worldcat search box.
— Sent newtitles files and db structure upon request from U of So. Maine:
I am the webmaster for the University of Southern Maine libraries, and just stumbled upon your NewTitles pages ( ). I was wondering if you would be willing to share the files that you use to create those pages. We here at USM are looking to do the same exact thing, and instead of trying to create the wheel, I thought I would ask to see if this would be something that you would be willing to share.

YF – Work Week of Sept. 25

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006
  • WS Log – sort capacity on more pages
  • Friends of Library web site update, PDF update
  • Additional formatting changes on home page
  • Mtg. with Juanfang Lei from S4 re. home page – CSS/JS menu decision, began implementation

YF – Work Week of Sept. 18

Friday, September 22nd, 2006
  • Additional changes to WS Log – including adding sort capacity
  • Eresources list update
  • Additional formatting changes on home page

Web Stats

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

The awstats program for the Library’s pages on webpub is available at:
To see previous months change YYYYMM in the url below:
The older stats site is: to get stats for a particular page or path
or (latest 3 months)

YF – Work Week of Sept. 11

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006
  • Converted home page to CSS-based formatting from previous version; updated icons; added Feed2js from Lynn Carlson’s gis news blog; met with Juanfang Lei from S4 to collaboratively decide upon changes
  • Put new data links up in requested by T.S.
  • Brief troubleshooting of SR class page, multi-librarian input ok

YF – Work Week of Sept. 4

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006
  • Worked on Iframe project – getting ISBN from within an Iframe, if Iframe starts at OCLC search page and ends up on a specific (book) with ISBN. Problem with security Feature (not bug) which blocks DOM access to data in iframe from non-local domain. Made progress using good book by Heilmann (Javascript/DOM/Ajax); project on hold due to simpler alternative approach.
  • Met with S4 (Scott Bell, Juanfang Lei); Lynn Carlson, Tom Stieve – re. updating of website

JMR – Week of Sept 18, 2006

Monday, September 18th, 2006

— Created new digital bookplates for Pat P & Nancy J; added josiah link for b4037726
— Fixed problem with phantom links in ejournals section of LRGs –
if(strlen($bib[$key]) == 8) { …[insert into ej_titles2programs]
— Had Tung capture statistics from metalib, sfx, and webpub and post on web
— Met with Kaelyn McGregor & Jason Pontius (White Whale) about adding embedded metadata to Faculty Pubs section of DRR-B; Jason will give us access to DRR-B MySql tables so that we can get a better handle on scope of project.
— New org chart to reflect recent position changes
— Changed searchbox javascript to open new windows – back button in InfoGate redoes the search. Since that needs to open a new window it would be confusing for some searches to work that way and not others.
— Set up meeting to deal with form spam and agree on central repository for code validation functions
— Had Tung redo tier page in table-less css; Redid in new format: A-Z, Hours & Locations
— Debriefed with Sarah, Lori, and Anna of focus group on new lib web. Possible action items:

  • Allow for a customized Top Ten List (simultaneously log in to Josiah & InfoGate?)
  • Add Wikipedia to Top Ten
  • Allow sideboxes on the right to open and close (default is close)

Projects Update, September 2006

Monday, September 18th, 2006


  • Library Web redesign & restructuring – see:
  • Usability Testing Program
  • Convert FAQ to searchable knowledge base
  • Simplified borrowing interface
  • Implement “My Josiah”
  • Josiah telnet to secure shell
  • Support Serials Solutions implementation: load table; Josiah displays; integration with SFX, A-Z list
  • Digital Bookplates – develop and implement methodology to streamline and automate assignment of acquired material to appropriate endowment in Josiah record; also, work with other depts for bookplating gifts in kind
  • Implement changes in Josiah to reflect policy changes re bookfines, loan periods, and on-campus delivery
  • Develop and implement method to identify non-barcoded monographs for transfer to annex, and methodology for streamlined barcoding and update of records in Josiah
  • New "affiliate" entity in BRU for library guests, with web access
  • OCRA — improve login, integrate with EARS, use SFX for direct additions to OCRA from databases & Josiah; explore use of OCRA for image reserves
  • Data Farm (ARL stats; Web logs)
  • New Titles 2.0 – improved frequency, functionality, presentation
  • Electronic Dissertations –
  • Research Database – Adding content links to faculty publications –
  • Virtual Reference Database
  • Automate staff phone code retrieval
  • Transfer administration of Circulation module to Gateway
  • Convert PHP applications to PHP templating system
  • Web Services Request Log & Technology Projects Review process
  • Online form for requesting library privileges
  • Consolidation of non-dl Library content on single (new) server
  • Evaluate usefulness of new CIS version control software (subversion) for Web Services


In the Wings

  • Staff Intranet & departmental web pages
    — to replace

  • Josiah OPAC redesign
  • SFX / MetaLib Statistics & post-update resource management
  • Convert web FileMaker databases to MySQL/PHP (AMB paintings, Gay pulp, Lincoln newspapers, romance novels)
  • Electronic Resource Management
    — software installation – Oct-Nov; training Nov. 21-23, 2005 – implementation group headed by SET

  • Josiah custom search widget (Carleton College)
  • Alumni resources site

JMR – Week of Sept 11, 2006

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Video Reserves
— Redesigned staff interface for better workflow management & to allow for direct ftp of large files; added 640 x 496 screen size option
— Work with Giovi and Mark on Chem 36 video lectures delivery options
Library Web Redesign
— Mounted page of comments received so far –
— Proposal for Web Content Editor to FKD (with seb)
— Modified Directory of Research & Researchers API to pull in a faculty list for each dept as a drop-down menu on the ETD site (/www/http/etd/includes/etd_faculty_inc.php). Asked YF to work on a JS/AJAX app to have a faculty drop-drop menu appear contingent on a selection in a drop-down menu of departments. For demo purposes, I have the two drop-downs on this page but the faculty list is just hard-coded for “History” –
— Fixed LRG bug that inserted phantom links in web_links2programs table when a site was cloned
— Changed LRG code to reflect db, ej, and ebook arranement choices when a site was cloned.
— Sent final draft of IRSQ article to Chris Cox (editor)

Web Services Quarterly Report, July – September 2006

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
  • EZBorrow
    EZBorrow will place borrowing requests on behalf of a users for items found in WorldCat, without the user searching the individual interfaces or filling out an ILL request. Work done to date includes proof-of-concept for passing an OpenURL from WorldCat to a script which authenticates the user, accesses the user’s barcode and places a request with Borrow Direct. Next steps:: progam josiah search for item and it’s status; proof-of-concept for programmatically logging into and creating a user account in ILLiad. see:
  • Library Web Redesign
    In July Usability Testing was conducted on the current site. A new design (by Sarah Bordac; coding by LJ) – – was introduced to staff and a student focus group was held to gather feedback on the new design. All feedback and reports are posted at: For the new site the A-Z list and the FAQ were converted to database-driven applications; dynamic content is pulled from the Library News blog and the Digital Collections site.
  • OpenURL Links to Faculty Publications
    This is a project to enrich the Directory of Research & Researchers at Brown with abstracts and links to content. These links, which use the OpenURL standard, implemented as COinS, bypass copyright restrictions and are completely portable, i.e., users will see the link that is appropriate to their institution’s holdings and services. Demo site:
  • Electronic Dissertations
    Demo for Sheila Bonde, William Heindel, and Tim Thorp. Chad Galts will recruit candidates.
  • Josiah

    — Josiah Software Upgrade, Release 2006
    — Ebook Library load table;
    — EDIFACT for ordering installed; enabled import of order information into item records
    — Planned & implemented Josiah changes in support of new Gateway polices re overdue fines, faculty delivery, and lockers/carrels.
  • Video Reserves
    ITG staff interface redesigned for better workflow management and to allow for direct ftp of large files; worked with ITG and Media Services on Chem 36 video lectures delivery options.
  • Outreach Support
    — Customization of subject-based blogs
    — Course pages interface revamped prior to workshops conducted by S. Bordac on creating course pages; further improvements based on feedback from training sessions including the ability to easily clone pages. There are currently over 150 course pages.
  • Workflow Improvements
    — Technology Projects Review process –
    — Web Services Request Log – (login required)
    — Introduction to new CIS version-control tool (subversion); Follow-up: evaluate use for Web Services.

  • Statistics / Assessment

    — Word frequency count program created to facilitate Library Assessment Group activities
    — Statistics for Josiah, SFX, MetaLib, and the Library Web posted to web.
  • New Titles List 2.0
    Prototype for New Titles mashup using amazon and OCLC’s xisbn –

    Presentations & Training for Others
    Presentation to staff on Digital Bookplates
    Millennium Summer School – four classes were held: Basics (2 times), Statistics, Lists

    Conferences, Workshops, Training received
    Serials Solutions training (jr, bb & others)
    Nelinet: "Exploding the OPAC" (lj, bb)
    Innovative Load Profile training (bb)

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