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BJD work – week of April 23, 2007

Monday, April 30th, 2007

===== Project-list work =====
* ILL – Emailed J.R. format of patron-API url.
* ILL – Java: Made sfx-to-openUrl conversion fix.
* ILL – Java: Implemented auto-entry of Illiad required-fields.
* ILL – PHP/Java: Fixed bug and coded feedback loop into Java-layer’s acceptance of login info.
* ILL – Notified team that auto-checking for new requests is back on.
* ILL – Java/Python: emailed team sample email showing successful Illiad request.
* ILL – Merged Bonnie’s and my to-do lists on to easyBorrow wiki page, organized other easyBorrow wiki pages.
* ILL – Team demo-ed system to and discussed it with H.H.
* ILL – PHP: merged Jean’s work into repository.
* ILL – Java: Spent block of time troubleshooting what I *thought* was an easyBorrow problem that turned out to be a Tomcat problem.
* ILL – Java: In effort to narrow down issue, I began to pull out code accessing and returning patron-id into it’s own separate webapp — good model for decoupling BD, VC, and Illiad in future.
* ILL – Java: Learned and implemented logging for debugging.


BJD work – week of April 16, 2007

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

===== Project-list work =====
* ILL – Got B.B. current version of confirmation email for feedback.
* ILL – Emailed team current version of confirmation web-page for feedback.
* ILL – Python: improved Controller and logging code.
* ILL – Python: Applied BD-calling fixes to VC-calling.
* ILL – Python: Got improved email working.
* ILL – Python: Reworked db-select code to be able to specify resultset fields by name rather than index-position (more robust).
* ILL – Python: Improved handling of Illiad-API returned XML.
* LOG – Programmed automatic backup of -yesterday’s- archived Apache log file, with assigned appropriate date-stamp.
* LOG – Emailed J.R. a directory listing of a few days of the automated backups.


BJD work – week of April 9, 2007

Monday, April 16th, 2007

===== Project-list work =====
* ILL – Python: coded Controller flow of handling calls to different services.
* ILL – Python: coded testing and parsing of returned xml.
* ILL – Python: Turned on python code checking for new requests.
* ILL – Checked with B.B. on expected flow based on ‘quick vs long’ user-selection.
* ILL – PHP: fixed call to function updating Java layer with info needed for Illiad; works.
* ILL – PHP: fixed DB saving.
* WFL – emailed R.R. that I fixed add-new-container issue.
* WFL – added test to make sure all new php code-pages include correct output-buffering and session-handling code.
* WFL – met with P.Y. to review next-phase tracking system improvements.


JMR – Week of April 9, 2007

Saturday, April 14th, 2007

— Added field and changed bookplate code to allow for specifying whether the books associated with an honoree were purchased or given
— Restored “Librarian hours” message on Lee’s course pages
— NEASIS&T Program, “Designing Usable Interfaces:Three Expert Perspectives”, April 10, MIT
— Met with MS & PY on integrating Systems into ITS
— Produced Jan – Mar 2007 New Titles List
Response from Prof. Amit Basu (Chemistry): “This is a great resource!!!”
— Converted videos list to HTML_TEMPLATE_ITX & produced updated list
— New revision of COinS grant proposal incorporating HH text
— Preliminary conversation re: creating a web interface for the new Financial Data Center content

YF – Work Week of April 9, 2007

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
  • Reviewed PHP objects chapters – Safari
  • Implemented test version of filtering class for form input->database
    • Placed in include file, creating instance etc.
    • Testing optional parameters for appropriateness
  • Attended Web Programmers meeting/seminar
  • FOL updates
  • Eresources update

BJD work – week of April 2, 2007

Monday, April 9th, 2007

===== Project-list work =====
* ILL – met x3 to discuss possibilities for programatically registering Illiad user.
* ILL – java/ improved Illiad transaction number capture.
* ILL – java/ coded detection of and return message for unsuccessful login.
* ILL – java/ finished xml for successful Illiad request.
* ILL – java/ finished xml for unsuccessful Illiad request.
* WFL – emailed team reminder that system was ready for testing.
* WFL – fixed a session/output-buffering error; notified team.
* WFL – started test to prevent above problem from happening again.
* WFL – told RR I had replicated her container error.
* LOG – one-off: processed 3 months of logs for SB.