JMR – Work week, February 25, 2008

— Trinity College Visit
— Sent DRR-B and OpenURL documentation to Public Display
— Used Max’s screen scraper to pull titles into bookplates site for honorees; eliminates need to enter titles individually in db
— Mounted new Kirk and CASQ sites
— Re-worked video clips code to allow for Windows Media files (deadline: Feb 29)
— Responded to digital bookplates inquiry from University of British Columbia
— Submitted final manuscript, “User-Centered Design in Practice: The Brown University Experience” to JWL
— Brown proposal to host Code4Lib 2009 selected
— Spoke to BDH reporter about SciLi wireless
— Outline for Nercomp easyBorrow presentation
— Responded to HH document
— IT Strategic Planning: Read & react to focus groups & interviews
— Trouble-shooting guide -> LJ ->wiki
New Work:
— Bookstack Locator: screenscrape (Max) & database (me)

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