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BB – 3 Weeks beginning April 10, 17, & 24, 2006

Monday, May 1st, 2006

Note: On April 12 I began a leave-of-absence, continuing into May.

  • Article Requesting from Annex
  • Enterprise (Legato) backup for Josiah
  • Demography books
  • Rock Level C paging
  • Annex Manuscript Items
  • Patron Database Cleanup
  • Old E-Reserves Cleanup


BB – Week of April 3, 2006

Monday, April 10th, 2006
  • E-Bookplate Project: I submitted a request to Innovative for a new variable field for item records.
  • Top Tech Trends online presentation
  • CIS Josiah support meeting. .
  • ERM meeting .


BB – week of January 2, 2006

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

flash project – showed Protean Figure to web services staff and a few others;
Josiah list cleanup – Asked all staff to review Josiah lists by January 13, and to identify those still needed with an asterisk.
Josiah Release 2006LE – Thursday, January 5. – Announcement was made on Morning Mail and Carberry in advance. I was in contact with Innovative (Barbara Herzog, Monica Ertel) and Donna Buxbaum also. Our previous two upgrades required manual rebuilding of files, so I wanted to be prepared. Unfortunately, there were problems again. The upgrade should have been finished at about 8:30 a.m. (thanks to Donna’s early start). Some initial intervention by III staff resulted in the OPAC and telnet staff functionality to be available at about 9:00 am. However, Millennium access was not restored until 1:00 pm, and staff were advised they could use it at about 1:30 pm. I will be meeting with Monica Ertel, Head of Customer Service, at Midwinter.
Technology meeting – HH, FKD, Patrick Y, Mark S, Jean, me – Interesting first meeting of what will become a monthly Technology group. HH is interested in understanding where overlaps and gaps may be occurring. First step will be to identify on-going projects.
Josiah requesting modification – Gateway is planning to allow requesting of “available” books from Rock, Sci and Orwig, beginning Monday, January 16. Met with Steven, Bart and Ron to go over details.
E-bookplates – Met with Pat Putney and Sam Mizer – Pat is working on assigning endowments to LC classes – I am to see if Jean, Rosemary and/or Dominique can help with this process – I am beginning to experiment with using Josiah to create lists of items based on order records that could be used to associated individual items with endowments – I spoke with Linda G re possible fields to us – Still need to do demonstrations of various ways to display and link bookplates in Josiah.
BRU download BI116 – Heard from Olga Nabutovsky who has the changes to our student download ready for testing; my rquest for the modification of the download was made last summer, and I knew it would be a while before they got to it; I will review this with Steven L. and make we’ll make need adjustments to Josiah patron types
Consulted by Boston College – Spent about one-half hour talking with Margie Fiels of Boston College regarding remote storage. They are well underway in the planning process. I also suggested she talke with Eric Shoaf and Steven Lavallee.

BB – week of December 19, 2005

Monday, January 2nd, 2006

days off – 2 days vacation, 1 day holiday
ARL statistics – meeting with Raynna, Birkin, and Tech Services (Bill Wood, Linda Gesualdi, Sam Mizer)
Josiah/millennium introduction for Lori
Circulation – met with Steven & Bart

BB – week of December 12, 2005

Monday, January 2nd, 2006

time off one day vacation
e-bookplates – met with Pat Putney
ERM – meeting
Josiah roundatable – meeting
Josiah patch 2005.1 installed on Dec.15, 2005
Training – attended Windows Maintenance training presentation given by LibTech
MilCirc – met with Bart & Steven, plans for expanding request function to include available material.

BB – Week of December 5, 2005

Friday, December 9th, 2005

Vacation – On vacation Monday-Wednesday.
E-Bookplates. Met with Pat Putney, Rosemary Cullen, Sam Mizer, Steve E. Thompson. I am a late addition to this project. The goals are:
(a) to provide a link from the public display of a book in Josiah, to an image of the bookplate and information about the fund. The focus is currently on endowments, but the same principal may be applied to gifts.
(b) to be able to identify items associated with a fund — through Josiah opac and/or creating list.
During the course of the discussion different ways of handling funding came up; this may lead to a related project that might include a database of funds.
Parts of the project are:
(1) How will items be identified, what field will be used? I would like to help find a streamlined way to do this.
(2) How will display be handled? I will provide linking examples using bib 856, item 856, bib 962; the latter uses media management.
(3) Will we also use a note to display the donor info? Will it be searchable?
(4) How will we provide annual donor info?
Next steps: Pat Putney and I will meet to discuss #1 more, I will do #2.
ARL Statistics. Met with Raynna and Fred again to finish reviewing the ARL data submitted. Raynna and I now know who supplied the data, and in many cases how it was calculated.
Next steps: I am going to follow-up with Gretchen and Pat P. regarding stats and money spent for e-books to be sure they followed the same principles. I’ll also talk with Birkin about statistics needed for web site use. Raynna and I will begin to meet with the data providers.
Josiah Circulation. This week’s meeting with Steven and Bart:
* Notices – We finished work needed to produce COURTESY NOTICES automatically as AUTO NOTICES! These notices will go out five days in advance of due date. Steven will send a Carberry announcement.
* Auto Notices: Using the courtesy notices as an example, we will need to figure out how to handle non-email notices
* Requests – Talked about revised text needed for requesting form. Steven and Bart will get back to me with their preferred wording.
* Request rules – I showed S & B how the request rules work. It is likely that Gateway will be implementing a paging service for on-shelf books, and we experimented by making a change in the rules. One problem that we need to figure out is how to enable staff-placed holds for material in the same location-served table to generate page slips.
RISD Flash class. Last class met on Wednesday. My Protean Man project is almost complete. I have until Friday December 17 to hand it in.
ERM Implementation group met. I am to enable all authorizations.

BB – Week November 28, 2005

Friday, December 9th, 2005

BRU Affiliate – Library Guest. Spoke with Joan Overcash about the possibility of getting a new affiliate type that would enable the library to authorize selected guests to get an id that would include electronic access but only short-term loans. This is possible, but will be delayed until someone is hired at CIS to set up the e-services on the UNIX side. I will set up a meeting in January to discuss the practicalities with Steve E. Thompson, Steven Lavallee, and Tovah Reis.
EBook Library. Participated in conference call with EBL regarding patron types–Anne Nolan, Jean, and 3 from EBL. Follow-up needed with Bob Morse and Jon Larson to see if we can use LDAP to get patron types. This is important since we may want to allow/prohibit some types from “purchasing” books, and/or set other threshholds.
ARL statistics. Met with Raynna and Fred again to begin reviewing the ARL data submitted.
Josiah Circulation. Meeting with Steven Lavallee and Bart: Focus on notices.
* Reviewed production of notices in telnet and millennium.
* Began adjusting email subject lines and notice texts.
* Looked at fields in loan rules that control notices.
* Began steps to implement courtesy notices.
Josiah request form. Began work on revising pverify3_web.html form. Will try to use javascript to force users to read the caveats.
Query from Innovative. I received a request from Sandy Westall for data about direct borrowing usage. I sent her last year’s stats and study.
Assistance to staff.
Helped Ali Hassan create a Josiah review file of Arabic items at the Hay, and suggested he work with staff in SR and TS on making use of it.
Vacation. Took one vacation day this week.

BB – Week of November 21, 2005

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

Boston Library Consortium. Submitted proposal regarding BLC membership.
NEASIST full day program: Buy, Hack, or Build: Optimizing your Systems for Your Users and Your Sanity. At MIT. Link.
ERM. Half day of training. (I missed the first half due to dental emergency.) ERM blog was created.
2 days University holidays

BB – Week of November 14, 2005

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

Annex – Sci Li serials with barcodes Completed my portion of the work: submitted order for 12,800 smart barcodes, posted lists of material for Preservation and other staff to use in retrieving the other 16,000 or so items. More info.
Annex requesting – New Problems! We finally discovered the source(s) of some unsolved “lost” annex requests: miscount of number of requests resulted in failure of the file to be processed by Annex software. Subsequently discovered that for some reason the Annex software stopped processing auto-generated files. See Birkin’s entry for this week for lots more info. The good thing is that I now believe the problems will stop!
Electronic Bookplates Looked into index rules for possible use to search Josiah for book fund information. Prepared screenshots for Pat Putney for LAC presentation.
RI One Catalog As “editor” of our report, I spent several hours working with others on the Working Group. The report was completed and submitted to the RI LibFutures Committee on Friday afternoon. The most striking recommendation is to promote a state bond issue of $7.5 million for the Nover 2006 ballot. I was not at that meeting, but apparently it caused “quite a stir.” One catalog report
Grokker Web Cast. View the webcast.
Carrel assignments. Sat in on initial meeting with Jean, Steven Lavallee and John Boylan.
Statistics. Compiled statistics to help answer the BDH questions.
My textMy dataBDH article

BB – Week of November 07, 2005

Friday, November 11th, 2005

Annex – Sci Serials. Met with Josh Tiffany to clarify which sci serials should have smart barcodes. Ran into problems when attempting to do this, so it is delayed.
ARL Statistics web cast. (yawn)
AutoIt. With Birkin’s guidance downloaded AutoIt, and did the tutorial. Birkin and I met with Richard Noble to discuss possible uses for this.
Campus technology coordination: Gave input to H. Hemmasi re campus departments/units providing technology support to the community. I will look into the possibility of ceating a new Affiliate Entity for library guests.
Circulation Statistics: Met with S. Lavallee and B. Hollingsworth in order to answer BDH query to H. Hemmasi re library checkouts etc. Took opportunity to cover other circ-related statistics as well. Topics touched on: Collection Development Reports, Age of Collection Report, Patrons with Items report, Statistical Categories (SCAT) and tables. Also reviewed the statistics I compiled for ARL, 2004-05 circ stats, and 10-yr history stats.
Josiah Circulation: Half-day meeting/training with S. Lavallee and B. Hollingsworth. Focus was info needed to: Move notices to Millennium, enable courtesy notices making use of auto notices. Topics touched on included: Overview of loan rules, loan rule determiner, notices, notice texts, ptypes, itypes, location codes. HomeworK: try to find relevant sections of millennium manual.
Java on staff workstations: Asked LibTech to be sure Java is installed on all library staff workstations to enable access to the Millennium manual and web reports available on Josiah.
Library privileges I served as consultant to S.Lavallee, Brown Card Office, and CIS on issues of enabling library access, borrowing, and off-campus use of electronic products.
RI One Catalog. Two half-day meetings: Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Nearing the end of this!