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YF- Northeast GIS Librarians 2nd Annual Mtg 5/15/06

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Northeast GIS Librarians 2nd Annual Meeting
5/15/06 New York Public Library Yvonne Federowicz
Institutional libraries represented included: NYPL, Columbia (hosts), (Brown), U.Maryland., MIT, Cornell, Princeton, Yale, Penn. (Dartmouth not present.) Several attendees were not “GIS Librarians”, but had overlap with GIS (data, engineering librarian, etc.). The atmosphere was informal and provided for good strategizing.
The morning began with discussions of the institutions’ current GIS programs, on which I took as detailed notes as possible. Most represented institutions have varying sizes of online spatial data distribution centers and numerous associated staff; others were more like Brown, with 1-2 related library staff and a less comprehensive support of geospatial campus needs.
Most institutions provide a combination of data procurement, instruction, reference service, technical assistance, online resource organization, and online resource serving (viewing and/or downloading). Data archiving was also a crucial issue; hard drive storage was part of a common approach, but no one mentioned a comprehensive plan.