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Library Web Redesign Update

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 11:31:07 -0400
Dear Friends,
We invite you to preview an interim design for the Library website which addresses many of the critical issues with the current site. The new design reflects recent usability testing, an analysis of web-related LibQual comments, a review by campus accessibility representatives, and preliminary discussions with department leaders and others.
Our current plan is to publicly announce and release the new homepage in early Fall. At first there will be only a handful of pages in the new style; most links will go to existing pages. During the course of the Fall semester we will convert pages to the new structure and style while keeping the old site available.
We plan to conduct monthly usability tests as the new site develops and we will offer many opportunities for users and staff to provide feedback. Please note that a staff intranet is also in the works which may provide staff with a more direct interface to advanced search tools than might be available on the public homepage.
Many thanks to Sarah Bordac for undertaking the design and to Lori Jargo for translating design into functional code. Prototype pages as well as usability test results, LibQual comments, and accessibility information are available at: . (Please note that most links are not yet functional and that content and layout are still under discussion.)
Please share your impressions with us.
Jean, Lori, Sarah

Preliminary Thoughts about Operating Principles

Friday, June 16th, 2006
  • Focus is not on design but on moving to a new user-centric content model
    If a student wants to get a carrel he shouldn’t have to wade through a list of departmental services; we need to mine our content and pull out those useful chunks of information. The full narrative content can continue its existence as a “More Information” destination provided there is an owner willing to maintain it.

  • We want to be in alignment with the (much delayed) new university site.
  • We are looking at best practices and other sites (recommendations welcome).
    Of particular interest:

  • We are trying to be data-driven.
    • We are looking at the libqual anecdotal data relating to the web
    • We are looking at web stats
    • We are looking at CIS technology user surveys
    • Benchmark usability testing on the current site is scheduled for early July; continuing testing will be done as we develop a prototype.
  • We will develop “User Profiles/Personae” based on the data we collect and input we receive
    — personal characteristics
    — reason for visiting the website
    — what is user looking for
    — web experience and expectations

Web Content Review – Email to Dept Leaders, 3/17/06

Friday, June 16th, 2006

As you know, the University will launch a redesigned web site in the near future. The current Library web design is five years old and, while we have made significant progress in moving content to a database-driven model, the overall design and architecture are in need of a thorough overhaul. We expect that this redesign will be closely aligned with the new University model. At this point in the process Web Services needs your help in identifying content that does not meet users’ needs. We are also in the process of redesigning the staff web and welcome your thoughts on content to retain or withdraw from the old site. We are particularly looking for input on:
— corrections and updates
— hard-coded information that can be replaced with database queries (e-resources, collections, hours, staff)
— content that can be removed permanently or ‘archived’ in some fashion
— print content that needs to be translated for the web
— content that needs to be reoriented from an organizational to a user perspective
— existing content that needs to be completely repackaged
— content that MUST be retained
— publicly accessible content more appropriate for a staff intranet
Below are links to the main directories on the library web divided up according to departmental ‘ownership’. Please review the pages in these directories in the next 6-8 weeks. We are happy to receive feedback in the format most
convenient for your group including during a face-to-face meeting. A tool that may be helpful in gauging page use
is a web stats program at: Enter the URL for any page on the
server and retrieve statistics for a two-month period.
Administration: (recently updated)
Gateway: (Rock, Sciences)
Preservation: (new site)
Scholarly: [Rosemary Cullen has already reviewed most SR-related pages for accuracy.] (Hay, Orwig, Art Slide, Annmary Brown)
Systems & Media Services: (site revision in process)
Technical Services:
Shared Ownership: