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ITS Web Applications & Systems – Quarterly Report, July – Sept 2007

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

OCRA — Integration with banner; Full integration with Brown EARs; Current work: Links to licensed music to reduce need for digitization; Book request form populated via Josiah search
easyBorrow — Addition of InRhode completes service path; Single interface for user tracking of easyBorrow requests; simplified request form. Presentations for Gateway staff. Current work: auto-registration of users in ILLiad; use of WC accession no. or other value and xISBN to increase non-ILLiad fulfillment; Re-direct failed requests back to easyBorrow without the user having to re-key request.
Library Web — Continued streamlining of content & conversion of pages to new style; Change of <> to <> in anticipation of move to new server over intersession.
Josiah — Implementation of My Josiah Account (saved searches, reading history, staff view available on the web); installation of latest software patch; Installation of majax allows us to do real-time josiah look-ups for bibliographic AND holdings/status info
Digital Bookplates — Biweekly mtgs to improve policies and procedures; Conference call with MIT; inclusion of medical endowments; automation project to import invoice information into item records
Equipment Requests — Budget approved and equipment being ordered
NAST –Brown is participating in the pilot project of the (soon to be renamed) North American Storage Trust.

  • COE Financial Data — Server purchased & installed; data sets loaded and imported into MySQL database
  • Archivist Toolkit — Installed and configured; To be tested by G. Gaidmore
  • Serials Solutions — MARC record loaders; manipulation of Josiah records to discover matches; A-Z list, synchronization with SFX
  • Friedman DVDs — create/implement circulation policies, MARC record loader; web-list & website
  • Media Services equipment–record creation, create/implement circulation policies
  • Rock carrels — manage via Josiah, record creation
  • John Hay use of Josiah circulation — planning to automate “relocation tub”, make use of checkout feature for in-library paging and use, explore other uses of inventory control functions for Hay
  • Annex transfers – identified and produced pull slips for circa 20,000 Rock monographs, levels B and 3; working on streamlining serial transfers

— ZENworks training (Joe Mancino)
Proposals Submitted
— IUG: Programs on digital bookplates, use of APIs
— Nercomp: easyBorrow

Web Services Quarterly Report, July – September 2006

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
  • EZBorrow
    EZBorrow will place borrowing requests on behalf of a users for items found in WorldCat, without the user searching the individual interfaces or filling out an ILL request. Work done to date includes proof-of-concept for passing an OpenURL from WorldCat to a script which authenticates the user, accesses the user’s barcode and places a request with Borrow Direct. Next steps:: progam josiah search for item and it’s status; proof-of-concept for programmatically logging into and creating a user account in ILLiad. see:
  • Library Web Redesign
    In July Usability Testing was conducted on the current site. A new design (by Sarah Bordac; coding by LJ) – – was introduced to staff and a student focus group was held to gather feedback on the new design. All feedback and reports are posted at: For the new site the A-Z list and the FAQ were converted to database-driven applications; dynamic content is pulled from the Library News blog and the Digital Collections site.
  • OpenURL Links to Faculty Publications
    This is a project to enrich the Directory of Research & Researchers at Brown with abstracts and links to content. These links, which use the OpenURL standard, implemented as COinS, bypass copyright restrictions and are completely portable, i.e., users will see the link that is appropriate to their institution’s holdings and services. Demo site:
  • Electronic Dissertations
    Demo for Sheila Bonde, William Heindel, and Tim Thorp. Chad Galts will recruit candidates.
  • Josiah

    — Josiah Software Upgrade, Release 2006
    — Ebook Library load table;
    — EDIFACT for ordering installed; enabled import of order information into item records
    — Planned & implemented Josiah changes in support of new Gateway polices re overdue fines, faculty delivery, and lockers/carrels.
  • Video Reserves
    ITG staff interface redesigned for better workflow management and to allow for direct ftp of large files; worked with ITG and Media Services on Chem 36 video lectures delivery options.
  • Outreach Support
    — Customization of subject-based blogs
    — Course pages interface revamped prior to workshops conducted by S. Bordac on creating course pages; further improvements based on feedback from training sessions including the ability to easily clone pages. There are currently over 150 course pages.
  • Workflow Improvements
    — Technology Projects Review process –
    — Web Services Request Log – (login required)
    — Introduction to new CIS version-control tool (subversion); Follow-up: evaluate use for Web Services.

  • Statistics / Assessment

    — Word frequency count program created to facilitate Library Assessment Group activities
    — Statistics for Josiah, SFX, MetaLib, and the Library Web posted to web.
  • New Titles List 2.0
    Prototype for New Titles mashup using amazon and OCLC’s xisbn –

    Presentations & Training for Others
    Presentation to staff on Digital Bookplates
    Millennium Summer School – four classes were held: Basics (2 times), Statistics, Lists

    Conferences, Workshops, Training received
    Serials Solutions training (jr, bb & others)
    Nelinet: "Exploding the OPAC" (lj, bb)
    Innovative Load Profile training (bb)

Josiah searches



SFX requests


47,230 clickthroughs (74%)

InfoGate sessions



Library Web hits


261,840 on campus (33%); 532,060 off (67%)

Library Home Page hits


162,729 on campus (62%); 97,848 off (38%)

E-Resources Page hits


48,158 on campus (70%); 20,456 off (30%)

Annual Report, July 1, 2005 – June 30, 2006

Monday, September 11th, 2006

New Research & Instructional Tools

  • InfoGate. A federated search engine that can simultaneously search across library databases. InfoGate includes a suite of tools that allow users to save citations, searches, and personal lists of databases and e-journals
  • LibX.
    A powerful Firefox extension configured for Brown that allows one to search Josiah and Google Scholar (via find it! @ brown) by highlighting book or article references in the text of ANY web page. This tool also inserts a small Brown logo which links to a Josiah search on sites such as and the New York Times Book Review.
  • Google Scholar and Windows Live Academic link to Brown holdings via find it! @ brown
  • OCRA course reserves extended to video streaming. Faculty can place requests online and ITG production staff use Library-built production interface.
  • Library Resource Guide template system extended to course pages. (There are currently 123 unique course pages.)
  • RefWorks Direct Export. Users can click an "add to RefWorks" button in Josiah to automatically export a citation. Programming code for this tool was published by RefWorks.

New User Services

  • Josiah Requesting. Users can click on a button in Josiah to request material
    directly from the Annex including digital delivery of articles and book chapters, to recall checked out material, and to request that circulating materials be paged from the stacks
    for pick-up at circulation desks.
  • Josiah/LDAP integration. Users can log in to Josiah with the familiar Brown username/password
    instead of the 14-digitJosiah barcode
  • Five additional Josiah scopes give users more options for limiting Josiah searches; all Josiah records now have durable URLs for easy bookmarking; uses can click on a link in Josiah to send a message about errors in a record; Josiah locations for special collections material are linked to information in the Collections A-Z database. (example:

Programming and Database Services:

  • Becker Theatre Library. After the transfer of a portion of the Becker Theatre collection to the Library, a database and data-entry interface was created by Web Services to record materials which were to remain in the collection.
  • Liberation Journals Index. A database built by Web Services to support data entry and analysis for a 2005 dissertation that considers the various ways in which literary periodicals have served in liberation movements in the Francophone world. The database is also a public research tool.
  • Media Services website now database-driven with an administrative interface for real time content editing.
  • Medical Connections website now database-driven with an administrative interface for real time content editing.

Web Development

Partnerships & Outreach

  • Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETD) . The ETD project is jointly sponsored by the Graduate School and the Library. Web Services built a candidate submission & tracking interface and a management interface for the Graduate School.
  • Digital Bookplates. The Library’s digital bookplating program places a permanent link to each bookplate in the online catalog record for titles purchased through the generosity of the Library’s donors. Web Services designed and programmed a database-driven web site with an administrative interface and developed a methodology to assign titles in Josiah to the appropriate fund.
  • Web Services launched a campus-wide Web Programming Interest Group with participants from
    CIS, BioMed, MCM, University Hall, and Development.

Infrastructure and Technical Support

  • Josiah software upgrades (2005LE, 2005, 2006LE); InfoGate software upgrade (v. 3.13)
  • Security upgrade with Josiah move to new subnet and IP
  • Annex-to-Josiah updates. Program written to archive and parse Annex end-of-day reports for import into Josiah. These reports update Josiah’s item status information.
  • Migration to new server for InfoGate, SFX (find it!), and EZProxy
  • Additions to Scholarly Resources assessment tools
  • Streamlined selection and processing methods for transfer of material to Annex, resulting in 150,000+ items transfered
  • Conducted workshops for staff on blogs & rss, wikis, Millennium topics, and computer security
  • Developed blogs and wikis for internal staff communication

Web Services Training & Skill Development

  • Linux Fundamentals, 5-day course

  • Action Scripting (RISD)
  • Cascading Style Sheets (RISD)
  • NEASIS&T : "Buy, Hack or Build: Optimizing your Systems for Your Users and Your Sanity"
  • Nelinet Google Technologies conference
  • Nercomp: “Emerging Technology Trends for Teaching and Learning”
  • Northeast Arc Users Group Meeting (NEARC)
  • ALA Midwinter Conference
  • Innovative Users Group (IUG) annual conference

  • ELUNA (Ex Libris Users North America) annual conference
  • Ex Libris Technical Seminar
  • Nercomp: "Getting Data Out"
  • NEASIS&T – “Syndicate, Aggregate, Communicate: New Web Tools in Real Applications for Libraries”
  • 2006 NETSL Conference: "Exploring the ‘Open’ Universe: A Librarian’s Guide"
  • Northeast GIS Librarians 2nd Annual Meeting
  • Nercomp: "The Horizon Report"

Web Services Publications & Presentations

  • “Using SFX in Course Reserves”, ELUNA (Ex Libris Users North America) 2006 annual conference




Josiah Searches


98% searches by library users; 2% by staff

Josiah Records Retrieved



SFX requests*


125,997 clickthroughs (86%)

InfoGate sessions



Library Web hits**


1,154,803 on campus (38%)
1,871,274 off campus(62%)

Library Home Page hits**


686,566 on campus (70%)
290,842 off campus(30%)

E-Resources Page hits**


170,330 on campus (75%)
55,779 off campus (25%)

* We have only from 9 months of data for 2005-2006 (missing July – Sept 2005)
** We have only from 9 months of data for 2005-2006 (missing July – Sept 2005)

Web Services Quarterly Report, April – June 2006

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

— Implemented Electronic delivery of journal articles from Library Collections Annex
— Automated item record creation for manuscript material at the Annex
— Assigned titles to funds in order to create links from Josiah records to e-bookplates –
— Ordered EDIFACT, SpellCheck, and setup for Monographic Holdings

Web Development:
— Configured Brown edition of LibX, a powerful Firefox extension that allows one to use Josiah, find it! and Google Scholar on ANY WEB PAGE that has book or article information. Demos for library staff, help page & camtasia tutorials
— Configured Windows Live Academic, Microsoft’s answer to Google Scholar, to display links to Brown holdings via our sfx (find it!) menu.
— Set up Brown xISBN bookmarklet by registering with OCLC’s xisbn service This technology will be useful for revamped new titles site.
— Discussion with SR on Library web site redesign
— Integration of e-resources web list and metalib maintenance tasks; database additions to LRGs automatically added to e-resources and metalib tables

— Reviewed SFX management practices with SET and ACN to make better use of available administrative tools; used data loader to update vendor packages and statistics module to produce reports for serials review purposes; set up SFX A-Z list as a option for the future.
— Set up CrossRef target in SFX
— Proof-of-concept for adding to OCRA from databases and Josiah:

— ETD: Meetings with Grad School representatives to polish candidate and administrative interfaces
— Began work on Technology Projects Review methodology (jmr, rf, seb)

— Worked with Tech Services on Serials Solutions & serials display options: created mockups, met w/SR folk
— Worked with SR folks to develop policy for multiple copies to be sent to annex, and pushed forward lost/missing books activities

Skill Development :
AJAX, a technology for creating interactive web applications, which will be used in an improved New Titles display.

PHP templating system which will improve our programming and our productivity when working on one another’s code
— Camtasia studio which we are using for tutorials (LibX) and usability testing.

Technical Infrastructure:
— Implemented automated multi-versioned remote backups for the library wiki and birkin’s version-control code-repository.

Workshops, Conferences:
— IUG conference (bb)
— ELUNA (Ex Libris Users North America) conference (lj, jmr); Presentation on "Using SFX in Course Reserves" (jmr)
— Ex Libris Technical Seminar (jmr)
— Nercomp: Getting Data Out (bjd, jmr)

— 2006 NETSL Conference: Exploring the “Open” Universe: A Librarian’s Guide (jmr)
— Nercomp: The Horizon Report (jmr)

Josiah searches



SFX requests


33,211 clickthroughs (86%)

InfoGate sessions



Library Web hits


320,799 on campus (36%); 581,275 (64%)

Library Home Page hits


205,428 on campus (70%); 88,967 (30%)

E-Resources Page hits


50,575 (78%); 14,066 (22%)

Web Services Quarterly Report, Jan – March 2006

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

Download file


  • Software upgrade (Release 2006LE)
  • IP address change – work with III & CIS; change millennium clients; notify borrowing partners and Z39.50 agencies
  • Direct Export to RefWorks (code published by RefWorks & posted to IUG Clearinghouse)
  • Josiah/LDAP integration (users log in to Josiah with Brown username/password)
  • Josiah error report form
  • Durable URLs on all Josiah records
  • Josiah requesting of material from Rock, Sci, Orwig stacks enabled
  • User interface requesting screens improved; Josiah help updated
  • Annex request code rewritten to switch to secure method (SSH) of accessing Josiah
  • Work initiated to allow for digital delivery of articles from Annex.
  • Work initiated on improved new-titles production (automated extract from Josiah, greater frequency) with RSS feeds by date and subject


  • Migration to new server (janeway)

Web Development

  • Becker Library database & data-entry interface for materials not transferred to BUL
  • Media Services web site (design – S Bordac ; database & web programming – WS)
  • Medical Connections web site (design – S Bordac ; database & web programming – WS)
  • E-Bookplates web site and links in Josiah records to digital bookplates
  • Academic Department Profile – addition to SR data collection toolkit
  • Web Accessibility Review – New England ADA & Accessible IT Center is working with major campus web publishers (PAUR, CIS, Admissions, Library)
  • Staff Intranet prototype

Outreach & Training

  • Launched campus-wide Web Programming Interest Group with participants from CIS, BioMed, MCM, University Hall, and Development.
  • ALA Midwinter highlights presentation
  • InfoGate session for ITG; InfoGate panel at SR retreat
  • Ongoing training and consultation with GS about managing Millennium Circulation
  • Set up Serials blog for staff to document e-journal management and troubleshooting
  • Set up Medical Connections blog to deliver news items to new Medical Connections page
  • Anne Christensen, Humboldt Univ. MLIS student, to serve internship in WS 9/18 – 10/27

Participation with Other Groups

  • Annex selection and processing support: Science Serials project analysis, production of selection list for Rock level 3 (33,000 items)
  • Launch of EBook Library
  • ERM & Serials Solutions discussions

Statistics (Data will be available during the next quarter for

Josiah searches


of these, 97% by library users

SFX requests


41,103 clickthroughs (87%)

InfoGate sessions



Library Web hits


on-campus: 362,293 (34%); off-campus: 703,083 (66%)

Library Home Page hits


on-campus: 223,625(69%); off-campus: 100,453 (31%)

E-Resources Page hits


on-campus: 57,109 (73%); off-campus: 20,613 (27%)

OCRA courses