Announcement | Andrew Creamer Named Librarian on AMS Library Committee

Andrew Creamer, Librarian for Computer Science and CLPS – Scientific Data Management

The Library is pleased to announce that American Mathematical Society (AMS) President Jill C. Pipher has appointed Andrew Creamer to the post of Librarian on the AMS Library Committee. Andrew is the Brown University Library’s Data Management Librarian, and he supports Computer Science and CLPS.

Membership on this committee is split between librarians and mathematicians. The committee supports both mathematicians and librarians in the use, maintenance, and betterment of mathematics libraries.

Andrew will serve for a term of three years, effective February 1, 2020 through January 31, 2023.

The AMS Library Committee Charge

The Library Committee considers the use by mathematicians of all the various resources found in mathematics libraries in Canada and the United States. It periodically collects and maintains authoritative data on those libraries, and it provides advice about the questions to be addressed when library surveys are conducted. It studies and articulates the needs and concerns of mathematicians about their use of both print and electronic information. It monitors problems in libraries and fosters dialog between mathematicians and librarians on issues concerning the dissemination and preservation of research. It supports librarians in their efforts to build and maintain better mathematics libraries and to provide ready access to information.