Announcement | Brown Library Staff Recognized for Service Milestones on BEAR Day

On Tuesday, February 19, 2019, Brown University staff gathered for the annual Brown Employee Appreciation and Recognition (BEAR) Day, at which staff are recognized for milestone years of continuous service. With so many employees with impressive longevity, the Library is always well represented at BEAR Day.

Here are the Library staff members who were recognized this year:

5 Years of Service

  • William Buzzell

10 Years of Service

  • Adam Bradley
  • Erika Sevetson

15 Years of Service

  • Holly Snyder

20 Years of Service

  • Patrick Hutchinson

 25 Years of Service

  • Thomas Allen
  • Alison Bundy
  • Suzan Gervais
  • William Monroe
  • Russell Tandy

30 Years of Service

  • John Boylan
  • Paula Kojian
  • Linda Peterson

 30+ Years of Service

  • Karen Bouchard
  • Raymond Butti
  • James Chapin
  • Stephen Conlon
  • Paul Cormier
  • Linda DePalma
  • Ann Dodge
  • Patricia Dumin
  • Peter Harrington
  • Joanna Katsune
  • Andrew James Moul
  • Andrew Pereira
  • Patricia Putney
  • Jean Rainwater
  • Robert Rosa
  • Joanne Tandy
  • Virginia Twomey
  • William Wood

40+ Years

  • Charles Flynn
  • Linda Gesualdi
  • Sheila Hogg
  • Debra Nelson

Excellence Award

Tiffini Bowers

In addition, the BEAR Day celebration also recognizes recipients of the Excellence Awards. Tiffini Bowers, Library Exhibition Curator, received her award for Excellence in the Rising Star category.

The Library congratulates all of our staff members for your many years of service and thanks you for all of your valuable contributions. We are fortunate to be an organization with so many longterm employees, and we appreciate the dedication and wealth of institutional knowledge you bring to the Library each day.