New JSTOR Arts & Sciences Ejournals Added to the Library

JSTOR Arts & Sciences XIV

JSTOR ARTS & SCIENCES XIV has just been added to the Library’s collections. The new collection is devoted to the study of culture and communication, from civilization’s earliest traces to the growth and governance of peoples. It supports research in Political Science, Language, Rhetoric & Communications, Archaeology & Anthropology, Asian Studies, and more.

New Eresource: Early American Imprints, Series I and Series II: Supplements From the American Antiquarian Society 1652-1819.

The initial release of a major new enrichment to the Evans and Shaw-Shoemaker collections has just occurred. Rare items from the American Antiquarian Society, available for the first time in Readex digital editions of Early American Imprints, are highlighted below.

The Gosport Tragedy (1776)

From Early American Imprints, Supplements from the American Antiquarian Society.

The Gosport Tragedy, or The Perjured Ship Carpenter, is a murder ballad set to the tune of Peggy’s Gone Over Sea. The folk song tells of a young woman lured by her lover into the forest where she is killed and buried in a shallow grave. In this version of the story the woman, Molly, is murdered by a ship’s carpenter, William, who had promised to marry her after she became pregnant. When William returns to sea, he is haunted by Molly’s ghost and confesses to the murder before going mad.

The life of a virgin, sweet William, I prize,
For marriage brings sorrow and troubles likewise;
I am loath to venture, and therefore forbear,
For I will not wed with a ship-carpenter,
For in the time of war to the sea you must go,
And leave wife and children in sorrow and woe.
The seas they are perilous, therefore forbear,
For I will not wed with a ship-carpenter.
But yet all in vain she his suit did deny,
Though he still did press her maker her comply,
At length with his cunning he did her betray,
And to lewd desire he led her away.

In other versions the woman is named Polly and the song is titled Pretty Polly. Some have suggested the ballad is the musical basis for Ballad of Hollis Brown by Bob Dylan who, in his early career, played the song under the title Pretty Polly. Woody Guthrie also used the tune for Pastures of Plenty.

The Solar System Displayed (1789)
By Bartholomew Burges
From Early American Imprints, Supplements from the American Antiquarian Society

Bartholomew Burges dedicated this intricate and surprisingly accurate map of the known solar system to the Academy of Arts and Sciences in the State of Massachusetts and to the Philosophical Society of Pennsylvania. Although this map was created 48 years prior to the discovery of Neptune and only eight years after the official discovery of Uranus, labeled here after its discoverer William Herschel, it includes Saturn’s rings and five of its moons as well as four of Jupiter’s moons. Even more amazing is the accuracy of the table showing the various planets’ distances from the sun.

New ScienceDirect Archival Journals Added to the Library Collections

The Library has recently purchased 3 ScienceDirect (Elsevier) ejournal archive collections: Psychology (81 titles), Earth & Planetary Sciences (106 titles), and Biochemistry, Genetics & Molecular Biology (145 titles). These collections contain the full archive of journals in these disciplines published by Elsevier. Representing about 50% new content and 50% replacement for content the Brown Library already owns in print only, many highly cited journals are included in these collections, which will now be available 24×7 from on and off-campus.

Three New Engineering Databases Available Now!

The Library is happy to announce that we have subscribed to three new Engineering ebook collections:

Current; this collection contains current information on how to deal with age-old problems such as solid waste, air pollution, and remediation as well as discussions of the emerging concepts such as life-cycle analysis and new forms of efficient and renewable energy, providing a continually updated resource for protecting, preserving, and enhancing the environment.

Current; this elibrary presents a wealth of ecological and cost-efficient technologies, including best business practices. It focuses on renewable energy, clean and novel technologies, green advancements, bio-energy, and eco-friendly agriculture practices designed to ensure the sustainability of our planet.

Current; from ceramics and textiles to bioscience and pharmacology, this dynamic library of handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and treatises explains the theory, data, and processes shaping diverse materials applications.

Haaretz Available Online

The Brown Library and the Program in Judaic Studies would like to announce the online availability of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Founded in 1918 Haaretz is Israel’s oldest daily newspaper and enjoys, in Israel, a reputation similar to the New York Times in this country. Haaretz will be available in both Hebrew and English editions.  Its availability is the result of a joint effort on the part of the Library and the Program in Judaic Studies.

Haaretz will be available from on and off-campus using the following URLs:

Hebrew –

For off-campus access, please use the VPN rather than EZProxy.  All browsers will work, but Haaretz recommends Chrome for optimal results.

New Database – Digital Theatre Plus

Digital Theatre Plus features high-definition live video captures of British theatrical productions, along with production information, interviews with key creative players, and teaching materials. Digital Theatre works in partnership with leading theater companies, education organizations and arts collectives in the UK to make the best theater, English, and drama resources widely available.