Change in access to the clinical information resource “UpToDate”

Starting on August 1, 2018, UpToDate (UtD) will only be available through the intranets of Brown’s affiliated hospitals (Lifespan, CNE, VAMC) or by individual subscription, and not additionally through the University Library.

For the vast majority of the AMS community, this change will affect only the way that you access UtD.

  • Alpert Medical School students will still be able to use UtD via the Lifespan subscription, which is embedded in LifeChart, and is also available through the intranet.
  • Most of our physicians and residents have access to UtD through their hospital appointments. Lifespan, CNE, and the VA all have institutional subscriptions.

Students, faculty, and residents with an UpToDate Anywhere account will need to renew it through hospital access. If you need assistance, your hospital’s library or IS department should be able to assist you with this. You will not have access to UtD through Brown after 7/31/2018. For community-based faculty without hospital access privileges who were using our UtD subscription, we recommend DynaMed Plus.

The University Library will continue to provide all faculty, staff, students, and residents with complete access to DynaMed Plus, which features a robust app and remote access. More information on DynaMed Plus is available at  Many other resources, such as ClinicalKey‘s “Clinical Overviews,” are available via the Library at

The decision to provide access to UtD only through our hospital partners was arrived at following consultation with Alpert Medical School leadership and AMS stakeholders after UtD representatives raised concerns about current access arrangements.  UtD charges Brown based on the number of 3rd and 4th year medical students, but faculty and residents could also access this resource through the University’s subscription (either by account or merely logging in through the Library). UtD requested that we limit access to students only with an extra layer of authentication, meaning that no clinical faculty would be able to use our subscription, even for strictly educational purposes.

Because AMS students can also access UtD via Lifespan, these requested restrictions put the Medical School and the Library in the position of paying for a duplicate subscription, with no additional benefit to University faculty or students.  To ensure that we are using our budget resources in the most effective and responsible manner, we prioritize providing our medical community access to materials that are not available through other affiliations.

If you have questions about this change, please feel free to contact Erika Sevetson, the Head of Health and Information Services at the Brown University Library, at