Call for Undergraduate Members of the Library Advisory Board

The Library Advisory Board (LAB) is seeking two undergraduate volunteers to represent the needs of undergraduate students at Brown University and to relay information about the University Library’s initiatives, services, and resources to undergraduates. 

We are accepting one undergraduate for a one year term and another for a two year term. Volunteers must make time to attend two meetings each for the fall and spring semesters.


How to Apply

To be considered, please email Chelsea Misquith at [email protected] by 12 noon on Monday, November 15, 2021 with your following information: 

  1. Full name
  2. Class year and concentration (if declared)
  3. Why you’re interested in joining the LAB (1 – 2 sentences)
  4. Whether you prefer a one year term or a two year term

LAB Charge

To advise the University Librarian, and other senior officers as appropriate, on resources and priorities with regard to the University Library System. The Library Advisory Board shall review and make recommendations about the University’s policies concerning the Library and its operations; shall help monitor the effectiveness of library services; and will comment on planning and implementation of plans for current and proposed Library policies and programs. The Board shall review and make recommendations with regard to policies consistent with the goals and objectives of the University for the proper use of library resources by faculty, staff, and students; the enhancement of the faculty and student academic environment through the effective use and support of the Library; appropriate Library support for research; and the enhancement of Library resources and support. The Library Advisory Board shall coordinate its agenda and work with the Computing Advisory Board as appropriate.

This is your Library. You belong here.

The participation of undergraduate students on the LAB is integral to ensuring that the Library is meeting undergraduate student needs in accessible, welcoming, useful, and supportive ways.