Literature Reviews and Evidence Synthesis Projects in Health and Biomedical Sciences

Health and Biomedical Library Services (HBLS) provides support for traditional literature reviews as well as evidence synthesis projects. Our service is growing: in 2021, the  members of the HBLS team partnered on 30 literature reviews (including systematic reviews, scoping reviews, and meta-analyses), and in 2022 we’re on track to surpass that number by another 5-10 projects. Request process

Request process

To better manage requests and staff capacity, we have updated our service guidelines and introduced a project intake form. Please consult our Health Sciences Literature Reviews resource guide for these updates, as well as to learn more about the distinction between traditional literature reviews and evidence syntheses, find methodology guidance, tools for searching and screening, and more. 

To meet with a librarian about your project, please review the service guidelines and complete the intake form.  Researchers should reach out to us for assistance with their research projects early in the process. At this time, comprehensive reviews that require thorough literature searches across multiple databases (for example, systematic reviews or scoping reviews) may take the librarian 2-3 months from the first meeting to deliver results.