Welcome to the Library

The Brown University Library welcomes all new and returning students. Here are just a few of the opportunities available at the library. For those who are returning, this is a good reminder of what the library has to offer.

Library SpacesSpaces: The study spaces at the library are very flexible. There are quiet areas, social locations, individual desks, and group study clusters.

Printing: Every student has thirty dollars on their account to be used towards printing at the library.

Check out books or borrow from libraries worldwide. Students can borrow laptops, chargers, headphones, or a DVD from the video collection.
librariansSubject librarians: Connect with one of many subject librarians, either online or in person, for research help.

The DSL: Both new and returning students should take time to visit the library’s newest space. Built last fall, the DSL is a great library resource.

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