In addition to my work with Skype-a-Scientist, Letters to a Pre-Scientist, and other various outreach activities (see my CV), I also contribute to Evo in the News and am an Outreach Associate for Integrative Organismal Biology: A Journal of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology. A selection of my science communication work is linked below:

Why Do Crocs Eat Rocks?

How Do Owls Fly So Silently?


Do Frogs Really Breathe With Their Eyes?


What determines the force a muscle can produce?

cox et al IOB-01.png

Can beards protect against punches?

What can the Industrial Revolution teach us about animal motion?

How do birds keep their balance?

How did early mammals chew?

Image: Michael Hanson

Reconstructing locomotion with fossils, footprints, and… robots?

Image: Wired Magazine