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This weeks discussion of biopolitics and video games was incredibly exciting for me as it let me indulge in my favorite hobby in a way not often afforded or worse, done incorrectly. Critical discussion of games has suffered from video games’s connotation of not being a serious medium and the narrow lens of critique that focuses on isolated aspects rather than considering the aggregate. It is for this reason that the dyer-witherford piece was so fantastic. In attempts to find similar material to satisfy my own curiosity i searched for “biopolitics in video game” and found a pretty neat series of articles on Bioshock and its own treatment of biopolitics and bioethics. While interesting, it fails to address the role of the interface and the impositions it invites and enforces. It focuses on the world of Rapture and much of the layout and progression of the game, but arguably eschews one of the most important pieces of games, the gameplay itself and how the user interacts. It admirably examines a variety of relevant and intriguing topics, but still falls short of what I would like to read. For those who are curious the link is at the bottom. I’m probably projecting my frustration at the lack of quantity and quality of contemporary vide game critique, but there have been increased efforts from various outlets to treat games from more than just the objective review minded articles. Thanks for reading.

The Biopolitics of BioShock: Introduction

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