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On Clickworker:

Doing menial tasks that simply involved copy and pasting from the Google search engine intrigued me. Well, the reasoning behind it intrigued me, whereas the task bored me to death because it took absolutely no effort or thinking. My searches had to do with a┬árich investor from UAE. I was told to search phrases such as “(person’s name)’s biography” and “(person’s name)’s investments” and other, similar phrases about this certain man’s presence on the internet, as shown by Google’s searches. I am sure that I did not actually do anything of use, as I linked the same articles and wiki pages 10 times.


On the digital presence of the Arab Spring:

When I learned of the small proportions of the population in Egypt that had social media accounts, I quickly began to wonder what the experience of the undocumented populations were like. I cannot imagine that the poor, the old, and the rural populations were properly represented in the feeds of the revolution, which in many cases were picked and manipulated by Western companies.

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