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it’s easy to ignore free labor in the context of the reading because one labors due to the love of the work and therefore do not necessarily mind the effort required. It’s that easy to change a passion into something concrete all the while producing cultural value. Due to my love of games it would be remiss not to mention mods. Players take the same development kit a developer and choose to create modifications to the existing game that can greatly vary from graphical overhauls, to the inclusion of new items and skins, to even an entire campaign or mode. The more robust mods take a great dale of time and energy to make, yet users make them for their own love of the game, or desire to improve it. There was relatively recent issue with Steam, Valve’s online distribution platform where they were beginning to charge for mods made for Bethesda Softwork’s hugely popular Skyrim. While the argument was made that it would reward modders for their work, but the user consensus that it would effectively warp the landscape of modding and the proliferation of this example of free-labor would stagnate under the pressure of trying to make money off of mods.

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