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Hello all–welcome to the blog for MC0230: Digital Media.  We look forward to reading your posts this semester. Here is the info again re. the reading responses, which should be posted the night before your section (by 7 p.m.).

Reading responses allow you to share your questions and reactions to the texts with the class before we meet. Ideally, these responses not only engage the readings, but also all the other blog postings. In general, they make our short time together more rigorous and focused (we go over them carefully in order to come up with a “road map” for discussion).

In a reading response, you may want to:

  • cite a passage you found particularly challenging/intriguing and state why you found it so.
  • identify a larger topic or question that you think connects the different texts.
  • offer a sympathetic critique of one or more of the pieces.
  • Or, since the readings for any given week engage the same topic in a different manner, you can also argue for one interpretation over another.

They can be as long or as short as you think appropriate. Each response is worth 1.5% of your final grade, so be sure to post a response. Also, be sure to include your section as a category.

Happy Blogging!

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