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I thought our lab this week was a lot of fun. I’ve never heard of the game Myst before and thus have never played it. Even though I got absolutely nowhere in the game and just spent most of my time cluelessly exploring, I thought it was a lot of fun and it left me wanting to play more. It got a little frustrating that I had no idea what I was doing, there were so many different switches everywhere, secret passage ways, hidden notes and weird static recordings of this bearded guy in books– I had no idea what to make of all of it and how to put it together. The nature of the game forced me to think and make logical connections if I were to make any progress. I went around just randomly flipping switches and pressing buttons, hoping that I would get lucky and that something would just come forth and reveal itself. It was only towards the end of lab where I realized I had to try to pick up on clues and put them together to get somewhere.

Although its graphics and aesthetic aspects were outdated, the ideas and concepts presented in the game are very interesting and appealing. After doing a little research on the game afterwards, I was particularly amazed at the fact that depending on how the player plays the game, the endings turn out differently.

I was pretty deprived on video games as a child, but with the video/computer games that I could get my hands on, everything was pretty straightforward and had a predetermined sequence of events that the player went through. The fact that with this game, the fate of the player in the video game is not predetermined is really cool– The video game is experienced differently by the different people who play it. In a way, this makes Myst even more realistic, making it seem like it actually is some alternate world that has yet to be lived in. With no obvious goals or plan of action laid out in the beginning, this game presents so much freedom and different possibilities. (At the same time there is a lack of freedom due to the fact that the player can only travel on a certain virtual path. For example, as the player, I couldn’t jump into the water or go explore between the trees.)Unlike other games I know of, there is no violence (that I saw so far), no time limit, no dying. The game seems to unfold at the own pace and knowledge of the player, which in my case, was a very slow pace.¬†After playing this game in lab, I feel somewhat deprived as a kid– I wish I knew about this game when I was younger.