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This week’s readings were fascinating because they all drove home the point that everything is public or publicized to a certain extent.  In particular, Keenan’s piece on windows surprised me because I had never really considered the notion that while windows promote the activity of viewing what lies outside them, it also turns the lens on the viewers themselves, and frames them as subjects meant to be viewed as well.  In light of the rise of digitized, technological screens as windows into new, constructed realities, I also find it fascinating that as we spend more time looking at digital screens and digital windows, the content they display serves to further distort our sense of reality and how we operate in face to face interactions, even though the digital content is not entirely genuine because the subjects know to some extent that they are being captured.  However, in spite of being perpetually consumed, recorded, and captured, why haven’t people more actively censored themselves and the digital content they create? (I am thinking back to Vismann’s work a bit)