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I was interested in the aspect of the digital economy that is predicated on fan cultures and a desire for inclusion. The proliferation of fan-based production on websites, blogs, social media, etc. forms both a productive labor pool and a community engaged around a cultural product, as Brandy talked about in relation to “My Little Pony.”

This type of relationship becomes especially problematic when the “free labor” of fans is turned into profit either for the corporate entity whose product they are engaged with, or for the producers themselves. 50 Shades of Gray seems like a fitting example example of the latter, where the author produced the work originally as fan-fic, but she ended up becoming enormously successful from the book.

For me, this also exemplifies Terranova’s claim that the type of production that goes on in the digital economy does not necessarily fall into the class or socio-economic divisions used to critique forms of material labor. ┬áThat is, the internet is an open labor pool of anyone who has access, and enough free time and interest to operate in it.