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Terranova suggests that the internet convinces the masses of online users, or “knowledge workers,” to engage in a network of “continuous innovation” (Free Labor, 39). He writes: “After all, if we do not get on-line soon, the hype suggests, we will become obsolete, unnecessary, disposable. If we do, we are promised, we will become part of the ‘hive mind,’ the immaterial economy of networked, intelligent subjects in charge of speeding up the rhythms of capital’s ‘incessant waves of branching innovations.’”

How are we so pressured into participating in this never-ending, enslaving capitalist machine of production? Why are we so eager to buy into the myth that human self-worth is the same as the economy’s and that to be someone we first need to invest our lives in the “hive mind?” Is it because our society offers no other alternatives, philosophically, for self-actualization?