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On the formal level this film was funny.  I struggled to decide whether it’s aesthetic was a choice and regardless of whether it was choice, whether it was effective.

Title: Steal this Film Part 1

An illusion to Abbie Hoffman’s Steal this book, and to sixties counter culture. Fine. Pretty straightforward.

Format, various forms primarily distributed via bittorent, which is coherent, but also available for streaming on youtube which is a bit less conceptually satisfying, but at least is hasn’t been taken down.

To me this is undeniably a work of propaganda, a word with negative connotations  i know, but regardless.  So the next question for me is was this effective propaganda?

which bring me back to the question of form,  the movie was ugly, poorly edited, poorly lit, and with a strange recurring  closeup on people faces. plus strange voice modulation and montages from hollywood films. it looked like it was made in imovie.

it begged the question of how a movement couldn’t find a decent editor, filmaker.