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Drawing from Wednesday’s lecture on piracy, something that caught my attention was the issues that authorities faced when trying to consolidate a world-wide anti-piracy law or act. Given the different laws governing property in different countries, I can imagine the difficulty in attempting to prosecute someone in a foreign country for having stolen property registered elsewhere or by a citizen of another country. Should these people be tried and prosecuted in their home country? Should they be tried in the country where whatever they stole is registered? How does the international organism in charged of regulating this act in these situations, especially when this type of property may not necessarily be tangible?


Additionally, something else that caught my attention was the idea of the romanticized pirate. These Robin-Hood like characters who want to release what they believe is everyone’s right to have. I wonder if this is actually the essence of a pirate or if they should be viewed under another light, one with a more negative connotation. This also relates to my first point, maybe this piracy issue is not as big a deal in certain countries, so therefore it may make it even harder to take action against it.