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One thing that really resonated with me throughout the course is the idea of this misrecognition of digital media as something that is less permanent and less real. What is the real distinction between the screen and reality? I thought Kirschenbaum’s view of the necessity of taking into what we see and the material substrate beyond or behind it. Material isn’t just what is visible. Things that are invisible to the human eye can also be material or of a physical nature. I think it would be interesting it connect this idea to Mcquire’s observations of the materiality/immateriality of architecture and media cities. I also thought Wark’s point of how the screen obscures what’s behind it is a cool thought. Thinking of digital as “friction free” acting like light itself, a pure form “free from material residue”. Another part of the course I found particularly interesting is the relationship/tension between architecture and freedom as Jenkins comments in his essay.