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In Lisa Gitelman and Virginia Jackson’s piece of literature Raw Data big data is the discussion of topic. It states in the article that “At a certain level the collection and management of data may be said to presuppose interpretation. “Data [do] not just exist,” Lev Manovich explains, they have to be “generated.” Data needs to be imagined as data to exist and function as such, and the imagination of data entails an interpretive base.”

This goes back to our discussion about the information online and if this data or the polls taken about our character etc. can actually be taken seriously or seen as accurate knowledge. Like the quote above it shows how large data is taken and manipulated into a interpretive basis for what we think we know. This data is generated and shaped based of presumed thoughts that can affect the big data or pulled information.

This then turns to the thought of what can we actually trust online. Is it the people we can’t trust, the large data collectors, or the gathered information that is taken and displayed as genuine information?