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Over the course of the semester, it has been brought up a few times that our online identity is dissimilar to our real life person.  So when we talk about how invasive big data is; is it really invasive if our online persona isn’t really who we are?  Or is it the other way around.  Is our RL person a fake persona, and our online person who we truly are that we don’t let anyone see?  Is this why we are so afraid of the storage of Big Data; the Internet used to be a place to hide, where our actions had no repercussions; now with the expansion of Big Data (which is presented as something both negative and positive depending on who you ask), this is not the case.  What sites we visit, what we purchase, what movies we watch on Netflix are all stored now, in the form of Big Data.  I have mixed feelings about Big Data, on the one hand it is a little creepy on Facebook when on the side they advertise these companies that are so tailored to my likes; but, on the other hand it is helpful.  That’s how I discovered one of my favorite clothing stores.  However, I still do feel unnerved, that there’s an online file of everything I’ve done online; from my days of posting on Neopets forums to spending late nights shopping online.