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Big Data

We live in the era of Big Data.

Google and Facebook are two of the most viewed entities on the Internet today. If not for them and their collection of our information the world as we know it would be completely different. It consumes our lives and we depend on it so much that we could not complete our daily tasks without it. Big data is the phone that you check the time on, the computer that I am currently writing this response on, it’s even in your monthly doctor checkup that you have to attend. From Lisa Gitelman and Virginia Jackson’s article ‘Raw Data’ “Our data isn’t just telling us what’s going on in the world, it’s actually telling us where the world is going.”

But imagine if we “spent a day ‘off the grid.’” (Raw Data, Gitelman and Virginia) You would have to leave your credit and debit cards, buss and train passes, school or work IDs, passport, and cell phone and computers at home. Do you think you could survive? How long do you think you could actually last without the information that big data has given you access to?