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For my final blog post, I would like to look back at the Matrix and examine it in terms of the readings that we have done since we watched it in class.  One of the most appropriate writings is Manovich’s navigable space.  The Matrix is filled with the idea of navigating through a simulation.  In fact, that is one of the core themes of the film.  The entire world that most people know is a series of simulations that they can navigate so freely that they have no clue that they are in a simulated environment.  If the simulation was not this perfect, then humanity would realize that something was wrong and rebel.  When the protagonists enter the Matrix, they are able to enter the main simulation, but also travel between simulations.  This is the one remnant of the system that is more akin to browsing the internet.  Instead of being able to walk from one simulation to another, they tell their computer operator to switch them from one simulation to another.

The second idea that I would like to link to the Matrix is Keenan’s idea of windows and exposure.  There are a couple of places in the Matrix that really relate to this idea.  The first is the Matrix itself.  When the characters are in the code, the initial thought is that they are in there own world and are experiencing the world without truly being at risk.  However, it is later revealed that, not only are they visible to the computer operator, but they are also visible to the malicious programs that are trying to hunt them down.  The second instance of a change in perception is the scene where Morpheus explains the history of the Matrix.  The description of what is the “real world” ends when the camera zooms out of the TV where the explanation has been happening.  It turns out that, while you initially think of the explanation as looking at the world, it was actually looking through the window of a screen.  Instead of the harsh exposure that you feel as the machines swirl around you, you are instead in a sterile room, protected by the television that keeps the monsters separated from you.