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“Is it creepy that corporate companies like Google and Facebook have all of this information about you (your birthday, your favorite movies, your friends’ names, and more), this big data?”

That was the question that was brought up during section.

Some people will say “Yes, it is creepy.” But why? I speculate that one of the reasons  is because we imagine that there is a person out there (in Google or Facebook) who is personally collecting the information to learn about you and provide a personalized experience — basically we have an irrational fear of having a stalker. But the difference between a stalker, an individual, who is collecting information and a corporate is that the personal data aggregated by the corporate is not analyzed by a person, but rather a computer program that uses an algorithm to personalize your experience based on the given data. To a computer program, they are just statistics that is not matched to a face or a personality.

It is only when a person, a stranger, decides to use the information stored in Google or Facebook that the creep factor comes in. It is the person who tries to collect the stored big data for personal use who is creepy, not the corporates.