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So I am missing a blog post, and unsure of which one, so I figure I’ll just rant a bit about some of the concepts that overflow from the space of my paper…

Big Data as precession of simulacra was not something I was able to explore fully, same to with memory as an instantiation of the same logic


with memory and with data, the capture of information is necessarily a process of “cooking” but it is cooking for recipes undeveloped based on needs not yet determined

that we do this unconsciously in our brains is a pretty astonishing feat, we think often of the fallibility of our memories but rarely give it much credit

to what extent does the valuing process that our brains perform an instance of simulacra

i think to fairly large degree in that the brain is in fact predicting outcomes and storing accordingly

but this, like financial instrument, is a constantly compounding function, it approximates a wave

or rather it is a wave sometimes

and a particle othertimes

I just read the abstract of a paper attempting to apply quantum probability functions to humans seeming errors in judgement under uncertainty

it was above my pay grade, but i think it begs the question of weather we can understand simulacra as a wave function that doesn’t merely precede the actual, nor merely determine it, but rather embodies the spectrum of possibilities that that the actual will then instantiate