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I was really surprised to learn that each time one uses a VHS tape, it degrades. I have always wondered why my favorite VHS tapes as a child ended up deteriorating the fastest.

I find it interesting, then, that as technology improves, and we have better means for recording and storing information, that formats are continuously altered in the opposite direction. For example, we have better equipment for recording music today than we did fifty years ago, but instead of recording honestly, much editing is made in the recording process so that the sound is actually unreal.

I think this ties to screen essentialism, which we have described as privileging the screen at the expense of everything behind the screen. In doing so, we lose the material aspect of the information presented to us, as well as the labor and production processes. I suppose it depends on the preferences of the listeners, but it seems as though the unreality created in our advanced technology (autotune, for example) is misleading and perhaps changing the way we hear music or view visual material?