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Bush –> Nelson –> the patchwork girl

“Bush’s Concepts, Our Brains” –  who wrote that post? It doesn’t really matter, it’s on the internet and its a level playing field. I think. Except that I had to log into a Shibboleth? And then it can be a level playing field. And get tracked. But my peers won’t know who is writing this post, so that’s a good basis for interaction, anonymous. Or I could just totally be missing where the author meta name is displayed?

I too couldn’t help but think about modern equivalents of the tools Bush was talking about. There have been a lot of mentions of Wikipedia. I would like to add Evernote to the mix. A hyper-indexical & searchable personal digital notebook (scrapbook) that can be sent off to “Team” members ($10/user/month) or friends. Seem’s like Bush’s vision, but we got a pretty good rundown of Bush in class on Monday, so how about a little Nelson? <bigdataprediction>Big Data tells me we will be discussing Roland Barthes and Stuart Moulthrop on February 3rd, 2015</bigdataprediction><bigdata_todo>Invest in Starbucks</bigdata_todo> I’m not being a phony, I am absolutely amazed by the connected world we live in. Predictions are saying there will be 5 to 7 billion people on the internet by the year 2020. Never in the history that we know of can a dog behind a computer create and publish something that the (almost/majority) entirety of the world can interact with and be affected by.

It was only in 1965 that Nelson was timid to talk about “the means by which the user sees his file[s].” Distraught by the potential of animated wipes – as am I – I wonder what things our digital society frets about today that will be read as Nelsonesque in 40 20  5-years? And what future relishings will hit the mark?

Let me suggest that such an object and system, properly designed and administered, could have great potential for education, increasing the student’s range of choices, his sense of freedom, his motivation, and his intellectual grasp****.

^ Indeed Nelson, indeed.

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