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Space is not something I think about on a regular basis but the readings and lecture this past week have led me to think extensively about space and its functions in modern times. Before Manovich began to compare space I had already drawn ties between the uses of space in the computer world to the uses of space in modern art. I am currently taking a modern art history class and the issue of space has been brought up several times. This combination has made me realize how important this issue of space has been throughout the last decades and how it continues to stir debate. The most fascinating aspect of the question of space for me has been how our conception of modern space has altered the “real world.” It seems to me that the space we are discussing has taken away from the “real world” by creating new virtual spaces that although can be seen as extending the “real world” actually take us away from this “real world.” In order words, we are now more likely to be experiencing virtual spaces through our computers, phones, etc. I wonder if human kind will ever get to the point where they only inhabit virtual spaces.