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As my randomly generated avatar perused through a mythical yet Asian-influenced planet on World of Warcraft, I felt dizzy. Every time I – or should I say Hsmaya? – turned slightly, the entire range of vision would shift in such high degrees I had not expected. I am so used to my limited yet comfortable periphery vision, the power WoW bestowed on me with such a huge range did not make me feel powerful, rather, weak. I immediately felt overwhelmed with the amount of information I was given and I did not like it. I feel like this discomfort could harp back to my individual fear of too much choice because of the consequentially proportionate amount of responsibility inherited as well.

My favorite part of WoW was when I was given quests I needed to fulfill because they were so straightforward and simple. I felt at ease, because there were goals I could accomplish while not caring about my surroundings. I feel like my emotions toward this game are interesting, because I feel like the reason so many people like WoW (and other MOOs of the sort) is because, although there are goals players achieve, there is so much wiggle room and freedom to accomplish it in any way possible. Although the producers of WoW probably sold it as this potentiality of individuality – as Professor Chun spoke about in lecture – what I found “selling” me was the idea of lack of freedom and constraints.

In some ways, although I explicitly like the idea of governance in these far-off realms, even people who may not actively think like me do appreciate it as well. For someone to continually go back and play (or arguably, work) on WoW for hours on end, they must like the systems, which govern how they act in this world to some extent. If the system were intolerable, due to the attributes that make it a game – these people would voluntarily stop playing. So although this concept of biopower and virtual governance initially sounds creepy and off-putting, they can also be seen as appealing and necessary for people to feel comfortable in certain environments.