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Today’s screening of Citizenfour was definitely an eye-opening. Of course I am familiar with the Snowden case as is anyone who follows the news. Watching the documentary, however, I realized how truly omniscient the NSA is and how scary the surveillance methods are no matter the intentions. Not only are suspects followed closely by the NSA officers but millions of other foreigners and US citizens are under a passive watch. The data from credit cards, online transactions, and private messages or calls are recorded to a database that can easily analyze each person’s whereabouts and can recall this information whenever deemed necessary. It makes you think twice about every interaction you have online and any action that can be monitored. The last scene in which Glenn and Snowden cannot even communicate fully when in the same room, but resort to scribbling on pieces of notebook¬†that are torn up after, shows the¬†extent to which they must precaution that they are not surveilled.

But I was even more shocked by something else: we have known much of the information presented to us in Citizenfour since Snowden released the information of the NSA’s programs, however, we have still not done anything meaningful to combat this. It is as if we have come to terms with the constant surveillance of our movements, actions and interactions.