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In week 8, we discussed poor images. Hito Steyerl argues that the cultural force of emergent “poor images” are more measured by their velocity and diffusiveness rather than the quality of their mass.  She claims that these low resolution, broadly distributed images will one day represent, “visual bonds”, or cultural codes that are so widely know that they constitute commonalities in society that Dziga Vertov, a filmmaker, said have the potential to unify mankind.
However it’s not just images now. We’re surrounded by poor clips, films, videos, music from around the world. And often, they are non manufactured images that have been made by anonymous producers. In a way, we’re being fed the massively distributed images and media not from the bottom down, but from the ground up. And I think this diffusion of images, texts, and media will inevitably restructure the cultural bonds that hold society together much like Dziga’s prediction.