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When first reading the cyber-testimonios I was curious as to who the intended audience of the videos might be. Who were the DREAMers speaking to when they created these videos? The testimony of Georgina Perez addresses “my ally, my friend, my fellow undocumented student” at the end of her video and to stand with her. I guess upon first read I had equated the audience to only being other undocumented folks but I see now how the call for friends and allies broadens the reach. But why “undocumented student”? What is it about being a student that legitimizes their cause– or does it intensify their innocence? Similar to primary education where we don’t have much of a say whether or not we can go, Georgina was brought into the country without a say either, so I can see a utility of being a student perhaps supporting the innocence argument, but I have to say it gets much trickier when student is equated to being a good citizen. If anything that makes me thing back to the disciplinary societies and how the very reason a “student” would be a model citizen is because it leads to an accounted for person, following a prescribed curriculum, meeting state standards for test scores, and being funneled into the corporations of the discipliners. I think that it is very important that the DREAMers are dreaming out loud, because you never know who can help make your dreams come true — but it also makes me sad because as fast as things can spread on the internet, it can also be a very quiet place without much momentum backing its viral strikes. And it makes me realize how undemocratic the political system is. No petitions, demonstrations, or community websites will change the mind of those that get to make the decisions. Everyones dreams should be supported and families united.