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thoughts on Wikipedia and democracy:

The ” alleged democratic paradox: “democracy as a form of government is threatened by democracy as a form of social and political life and so the former must repress the latter”” seems to me to relate to the idea of templates and pre-ordained platforms.  Wikipedia is a democratic encyclopedia. Anyone, who has internet access, is allowed to edit it and to add to it.  However, one must add to it by using the specific formulas which Wikipedia gives. If these formats were not in place then Wikipedia would no longer be ‘Wikipedia.’ It wouldn’t be a single unified body, it would be an information free for all – a kind of huge exquisite corpse.  It is these rules and templates which allow for Wikipedia to remain identifiable and name-able. The specific colors, formats, codes, and grammatical frameworks which exist for people contributing to the system allow for many voices to be heard at the same time. These frameworks allow for democracy to be functional – much like societal laws put in place by the few for the many.