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The emergence of digital media has empowered Rancière’s democracy by the people. However, at the same time, to what extent has digital media promoted slacktivism and other detrimental actions that have hurt the cause they were meant to promote? We have seen how DREAMers raised awareness for immigration laws in the U.S. and the Filipino people overthrew their president, both using digital media. Despite this success, DREAM activists are not without their critics, and the Filipino revolution has been criticized for hindering the democratic government. In another example, the KONY 2012 movement raised awareness of the situation that many children in Africa face; however, it had little impact on improving the lives of these children and stopping Kony.  Does social media reduce actual issues to entertainment? For example, Twitter has a limit of 140 characters, so can we reduce actual social issues into a condensed phrase or hashtag? Do these movements reduce the depths of social issues, or do these movements make people feel that they are doing enough by simply sharing but not taking any supplementary action? And are we truly better off having digital media as our go-to outlet for activism?