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While more and more causalities and algorithms are being produced to help make sense and find causalities in big data I don’t think that there will ever be a complete series of algorithms that can counter the free will of the people these formulas are processing. The very motivators such as curiosity that draw humans to find patterns and make meaning of the world will always be a variable that we irrational beings will always carry with us. If big data does ultimately have the answer I think that many people can or will do something different out of spite, tiring the predictions to death. The only way I can see out of this loop is for enslavement via mind control devices that eliminate all free will – only then would the corporations have a true control to aid in the processing of the data they are collecting for their benefit. I feel this tangent is related because if big data is moving our society towards the predictability of a mind control device then there won’t be any need to predict, we can just be what they want us to be. But in that same way why can we not create an optimization of the world that allows for total success without enslavement? – I guess it is the irrationality of people’s actions that dispel this. Crazy people.