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In the Cramer reading for this week I was really interested in this quote analyzing this resurgance of old media usage; “(Jurgenson, IRL Fetish) characterized this trend as a “current obsession with the analog, the vintage, and the retro”: “Vintage cameras and typewriters dot the apartments of Millennials. […] The ease and speed of the digital photo resists itself, creating a new appreciation for slow film photography.”[^2] (Nordeman), quoting Jurgenson, links this to a renaissance of craft in contemporary art and design which takes its cues from Richard Sennett’s 2008 book _The Craftsman_.[^3]” The Cramer reading and this quote specifically reminded me of the discussion week of class we learned about and discussed the film Superstar and the Steyerl reading on defense of the poor image. The “appreciation for slow film photography” while they do represent the “deliberate choice of renouncing electronic technology”. I believe that the allure of these old media objects is mostly due to the aesthetics. In regards to the meme of the guy with the typewriter at the park, while I recognize that there are other potential reasons he chose to use a typewriter such as the fact that there are way less distractions since a typewriter does not have a bunch of gadgets like a new media laptop, I see the way that he used his typewriter in a public space as more of an accessory of sorts. Also in the vein of the aesthetics of old media usage I am reminded of when Todd Haynes spoke at Ivy Film Festival recently and how he talked about he still prefers to use “handmade film” because it gives the images texture and personality.