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Rounding off the semester with a reading concerning society entering an age of the post-digital struck me both as appropriate and strange. It read to me as a reminder that although my classmates and I just immersed ourselves into an extensive study of digital media both as a subject and an era, and how it affects both our present and future – that one day this era will soon end as well. It almost terrifies me that the age of digital media as a new media will no longer be, and it will merge into another moment in history’s extensive chronology.

I think the fact that digital media has brought the focus towards conceptions of the future results in people conversely producing a sense of nostalgia for the past — and in some cases, the present. I may be only speaking for my generation, but I am beginning to notice the way in which my peers and I acknowledge the concepts of the future and the speed in which it will one day approach us. We thus use digital media as a way to capture our current surroundings, in a way insinuating that we are already nostalgic for the present. We acknowledge, that every moment and event will soon one day be left in the past, with the possibility of being forgotten. I find myself constantly seeing friends snap and post pictures to social media, relishing in perfect memories and ideals the frames contain. I think that my generation is less concerned with the exposure and visibility that digital media provides, rather at the speed in which it moves. With the constant focus on the importance of the future, we seek to the represent the present as more meaningful (or at least seem like it) so that our own pasts and identities will not be one day so easily forgotten.