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Cramer’s point concerning our simultaneous usage of both old and new medias, depending on context, proved to be an intriguing point. The so-thought common viewpoint of new technologies as progressive is underlined to be false; rather, old and new medias inevitably co-exist via our habits of consuming them both. It is not a linear evolution that references the same timeline; rather, our definitions of old and new media co-refer to each other, evolving and existing as contemporaries. One can see this from the use of bikes and cars, to the continued presence of analog devices despite the every increasing production of digital ones. I think this concept of embracing the simultaneous presence of old and new medias are exemplified through widespread movements such as urban vintage or steampunk, where a sort of futuristic vibe is combined with the traditional sense of old. We naturally feel comfortable to some extent in embracing both the novel and the known.