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This week I found the information on Big Data very unifying for all the topics we have covered. The fact that what matters is people LIKE you in Big Data, shows the importance of establishing networks. You are not even establishing your own node! Big Data links people you haven’t met / don’t know / whose TASTES are similar to you. The production of content by Netflix makes me uncomfortable and reveals how really wonderfully creepy in the digital media is; at what point do we go from being happy subscribers to mindless puppets? I also found the segment on how it’s hard to tell diff between what VIRAL and what’s HABITUAL very important. This allowed me to divide a lot of information and clear up some hesitations I had when approaching new media. This lead me to think of the age-old humanities question “What Is Truth?.” I just am amazing who much I’ve learned and how that question can be explored in digital media. I like the question “to what question is big data the answer?” Many of these questions can be solves by rationality and through other means. Does this fall of Big Data mean something optimistic for our existence in the digital age?