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In his article ‘what is post-digital?’, Florian Cramer discusses a rising disenchantment with digital media and technology. While I believe that he is correct in his assessment that we are moving towards a post-digital era, I do not believe the he has correctly identified the form of the trend. That is, he speaks about a return to old-fashioned technological roots due to a weariness with the fast and efficient nature of digital technology and media, as well as due to a  growing fear of a technocratic state. However, while some of this certainly makes its way into our culture, I find it completely false that this sentiment is in any way main stream or even culturally significant. Rather, I feel that we are moving towards a post digital era because the digital is, as he put it, no longer new media. I feel that our culture is quickly making the transition out of the honeymoon phase with digital technology and media towards a place in which it is becoming the norm, a fundamental part of our lives. If anything, we are entering a post-digital world because we are becoming increasingly integrated with digital technology, not drifting away from it.